August 29, 2014

four seasons, one dress: summer

Gap Dress: Goodwill $8
Sandals: Apricot Lane, gifted
Belt: came off another dress
Necklace: Forever 21 $9
Puppy: FREE ;) j/k
Total Outfit Cost: $17

Happy Friday! A few weeks ago I showed y'all some of my recent thrifted finds, this adorable dress being one of them! The adorable Priya commented and told me she had the same dress, and I had the idea that we should collaborate a blog post together and show y'all how we style this dress for all seasons! Dresses like these that can be worn all year around are definitely my favorite. I paired mine with a cognac colored belt and sandals because you just can't go wrong with that color right? I acessorized with my latest favorite necklace and a gold headband.  I love how Priya styled her's with a bold yellow necklace and some fun clogs! Don't forget to stop by her blog, Perfectly Priya, where she shows off her style and bits and pieces of her life. She's totally a sweetheart!
Charlie wanted to drop in and say hi too! And I promise that I didn't use her to show off the back of my hair, but I love that it turned out that way! haha :)

August 25, 2014

green + leopard

Cardigan: Garage Sale $2
Tank: Old Navy, gift carded
Skirt: Ross $6
Heels: Payless (clearance) $10
Necklace: ebay $4
Total Outfit Cost: $22

Monday came here way too quick, dontcha think? When will we all turn to 3 days weekends? Speaking of 3 day weekends, I totally thought I'd be getting one next weekend because I go from working Mon-Fri to Tues-Sat for September. So I would be off Saturday to Monday right? Well nope! I completely forgot that I'm working Labor day! Booooo. Oh well, still only a 3 day week for me though, because we're going to Disney World that week!
I spent Saturday with my best friend, and we got all our Disney reservations, fast passes, and outfits all in order for our trip! We were so productive! We even finished the day watching Frozen. We are definitely big kids at heat forever. I can't wait to show ya'll our Disney Bound outfits we have planned for the trip. :)
Other ways I've worn this blouse ----> 1 2 3

August 19, 2014

beauty faves

I always love to see what beauty products others use, and a lot of times I find products that I like from others' recommendations.  So today I thought I'd share some of my current favorites! As you've probably guessed, all of the stuff I use is very affordable, and most of is the cheapest of the cheap!


1. Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: This stuff is my saving grace. If it wasn't for this stuff here, I'd have to wash my hair every day. I've tried the Treseme and Suave dry shampoos, but they just don't compare to this one. This one soaks up all the excess oil in my hair making it look like a freshly washed head of hair!
2. B.a.r.e Soaps: These are 100% natural soaps. I use starry night on my face. It has activated charcoal in it that helps reduce blackheads and acne. I use cupid's love on my body, and man oh man it smells so good I want to soap up with it 3 times. What's cool too about B.a.r.e Soaps is that the paper they wrap the soap in is plantable and will bloom into wildflowers! I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon. 
3. Neutrogena oil free makeup remover: I have always worn waterproof mascara, and I swear this is the only stuff that will get it off! (other than coconut oil, but that stuff gets my eyes all foggy)
4. Chapstick: Been addicted to this stuff since the 8th grade. I don't go anywhere with out it.
5. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm: I picked up the color "unapologetic" at Target a few weeks ago and have been smitten since! It's the perfect hot pink, and I love that it's matte. I also have "elusive" for a pretty everyday pink. 
6. Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen: I only included this one on my collage, but I actually use the pencil and liquid eyeliners too. The liquid pen is definitely my favorite. It goes on smoothly and stays on all day.
7. Covergirl Simply Powder: I've been using this powder pretty much since I started wearing makeup. I've tried out different powders, but I always turn back to this one!

August 18, 2014

a good week ahead

Target Blouse: Goodwill $4
Old Navy Skirt: Gift carded [almost exact here & here]
Necklace: Forever 21 $6 [here]
BCBG Flats: Marshalls (clearance) $25 
Total Outfit Cost: $35
Happy Monday pretty ladies! I know a lot of you are thinking... Monday and happy in the same sentence? I may be thinking the same thing as you're reading this, but I'm writing it on Sunday night! I think it's going to be a good week though. I have my outfits and meals planned out for the week, so in my eyes, that projects a good week. No waking up and having nothing to wear, and no coming home and not having anything to eat.... two things that I struggle with on the daily! Plus, the house is clean and most of the clothes are clean, folded/hung and put away. How's your week ahead of you looking? 

August 13, 2014

you should know...

Target Dress: gift carded  [super similar]
Just Fab Heels: Instagram shop $20
Necklace: Our World Boutique Giveaway
Total Outfit Cost: $20

-I dance and sing spasticly in the car
-I sleep with the TV on 
-I will find a Goodwill wherever I go
-It sometimes takes me 2 days to text back
-I don't miss a meal, especially not breakfast
-I always always fall asleep during movies no matter how hard I try
-I always sit on my foot
Just some things you should know about me if we were friends! Hope you're having a wonderful week! :)
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August 11, 2014

on repeat

Dress: Apricot Lane, gift carded [similar 1 + 2]
Necklace: Forever 21 $6 [exact
Sandals: Apricot Lane, gift [similar]
Belt: came off another dress [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $6
This dress has been on the blog numerous times. You wouldn't think that a printed dress would be so versatile, but it really is! I even worn it a few more ways that didn't make it to getting pictured for the blog. Another thing that I've been re-wearing is this necklace from Forever 21. I got it 3 weeks ago and have literally worn it 3 times a week since! I wish I had a pendant necklace like this in every color. So, if you see any similar to this one, be sure to let me know!
Last year, my co-workers got me a gift card to Apricot Lane for my birthday, and that's how I got this dress. This year they got me a gift card to Old Navy. How should I spend it? I'm thinking a new pair of jeans because my favorite pair I bought from there have holes that are growing so I won't be able to wear them to work on casual Friday anymore.
Dress also worn [here] [here] and [here]

August 6, 2014

seven dollar staple

Merona Dress: Target (clearance) $7 [exact]
Xhilaration Heels: Instagram $12 [similar]
Belt: came off another dress
Total Outfit Cost: $19

I was browsing the clearance racks at Target a few weeks ago and I spotted this dress marked down all the way to $7.06. Somehow, the Target gods shined down on me because it was just my size and the perfect fit! Then, I checked out the offers on the Target Cartwheel app and found a coupon for 10% off Merona dresses, so the total for this dress (if I remember right) was LESS than $7! Score! If shopping was a sport, I'd totally be a pro in the bargain area. 

August 1, 2014

orange you glad

Dress: hand me down from my bff  [similar]
Fedora: Charming Charlie [similar]
Sandals: Target, gift carded [exact]
Necklace: Forever 21 $9 [similar]
Purse: Garage Sale $2 [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $11

All my life I have HATED the color orange! I honestly don't think I've owned anything orange until this dress. Actually, I lie. There was this one time in 4th grade when the cool kids wore orange, so I had my mom get me a fleece orange pull over sweatshirt. #foreveradork. Lately, I am loving the color orange though! I got another orange dress at the Goodwill about a month or so ago (which I gotta get an outfit photo of soon). I even bought Larry an orange shirt the other day! So now that I have this new found love for orange, help me out... what colors go with orange other than turquoise?