May 27, 2014


(just pretend like you don't see my slip- oops!)
Dress: hand-me-over from my bestie
Heels: Forever 21 $30
Total Outfit Cost: $30

First things first, anyone like how I didn't blog for over 2 weeks, and then last week I just drop back in like nothing? Lol. Most bloggers will miss a day of blogging and apologize for it! I, however, don't think I should say sorry. This is just a little hobby of mine! I love to blog, but I really just wasn't in the mood for writing blog posts to be honest. I didn't open my laptop for the whole 2 weeks either. I'm definitely going to continue to blog, but I think I'll just blog less maybe. We'll see how it goes!

Next thing- this dress. So my bestie went through her dresses so I can sell some for her, and she said to keep whatever I wanted from them. I saw this dress, but I didn't think it would fit me at all, she is a size or two smaller than me. Somehow it fit! I wore it to work, and every woman in my office complimented me on it! I even got a compliment from a stranger. :)

May 22, 2014

the perfect LBD: from work to weekend

Dress: Old Navy c/o (org. $25 + 20% off discount code =$20!)
Necklace: Versona, gift carded [similar]
Heels: Target (bogo) $24
Purse: Target $26
Total Outfit Cost: $50

Dress: Old Navy c/o (org. $25 + 20% off discount code =$20!)
Two by Vince Camuto Vest: Bargain World Thrift Store $2 (holy crap- retails for $89!)
Sandals: Target, gift carded
Necklace: Forever 21 $9
Purse: Garage Sale $2
Total Outfit Cost: $13

As women, aren't we all ALWAYS in search for the perfect little black dress? Well ladies, look no more, I have found it for you! Before I begin to explain to you my mad love for this dress, I promise this post is indeed not sponsored by Old Navy (but c'mon, I totally wish it was)!  This dress is perfect because it can be worn both for work or for a casual weekend look. This dress is perfect because the material is thick, but not too thick to make you hot in the summer. This dress is perfect because it's sexy yet modest. This dress is perfect because it's super duper comfy. This dress is perfect because it's stretchy yet very forgiving. I could seriously go on and on! So, if you're convinced that you need this dress like I hope you are, before you buy it head on over to and grab you a coohpon code (there's one for 20% off today!) like I did! There's almost always a discount code for Old Navy, so I don't believe in paying full price there. ;)

May 7, 2014

uniform pants

Old Navy Blouse: Plato's Closet $5
Pants: Old Navy c/o Chippmunk
Belt: Forever 21 $5
Heels: Payless (clearance) $10
Total Outfit Cost: $20

I wear these pants A LOT. Almost once a week since I got them. One of my co-workers has the same pants, and she also wears them just as much as I do. We wear them so much we call them our uniform pants! Mine are even fading from being washed so much. :/ This time I wore them I got my outfit inspiration from this pin (via Marionberry Style). This outfit actually turned out to be my favorite outfit I've worn since this outfit. Maybe it's the shoes!

May 5, 2014

crawfish season

Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
LC Jeans: Kohl's, gift carded
Sam & Libby Sandals: Target, gift carded
Total Outfit Cost: $3.49
Here in Louisiana, our seasons don't consist of winter, spring, summer and fall. We have crawfish season, football season, hunting season, and Christmas season! My favorite? Crawfish season for sureee!  Larry picked up some boiled crawfish for us last week, I picked up snowballs and we had us a nice little at home date on our back patio! And man were the crawfish delicious! We're eating as much crawfish as we can because the season doesn't last long before the prices are sky high. Luckily snowball season is most of the year, and have them at least once a week. ;)

May 2, 2014

wife fail

Blazer: Aeropostale $25
Tee: Old Navy (clearance) $4
Jeans: Old Navy (sale & super cash) $11.25 
BCBG Generation Flats: Marshall's $25
Necklace: c/o Our World Boutique giveaway
Total Outfit Cost: $65.25
Let me tell y'all what happened in this outfit last week. So, Larry stayed home from work sick with a sinus infection. I came home and decided to cook hamburger steak. One wedding gift we received was a very nice cast iron skillet. I decided this would be a good time to finally put it to use! Oh boy was I wrong. I turned the stove on medium high heat because that's what the recipe said to cook the hamburger steaks on (this was only my second time cooking them). When the skillet was hot, I poured some olive oil on, and that's where it all went wrong! It smoked up the entire house! I don't know if medium-high heat was too high or what, but it was bad. My poor sick husband already wasn't feeling well, and then there I go and smoke out the house! Wife fail indeed. It wasn't the first, and definitely won't be the last! And if you were wondering, I ended up cooking the hamburger steaks in my non-stick pan and they came out great! I suppose I will continue to let the cast iron skillet go unused as we approach 1 year of marriage... 
Also, I realize now that I forgot to include this blazer in my april closet addictions! How could I forget my favorite purchase of the month? No idea! I guess I shall go update that!