April 20, 2015

palazzo pants

palazzo pants outfit
spring - palazzo pants
Mossimo Pants: Target $20 [here]
Shirt: way old
Jacket: Old Navy, gifted
Necklace: Charming Charlie (clearance) $4
Sandals: (bogo) $15
Total Outfit Cost: $39

Y'all. These pants. I'm in LOVE.  If you don't have a pair, you're missing out. Last year when I started seeing people in palazzo pants, I wasn't convinced and I just didn't care for them. Then I went to target this year and tried on a pair myself and figured out why people were wearing them...They're SO comfy! And I love this pattern! I originally wanted a black and white printed pair, but they didn't have my size in store. I was impatient and wanted these pants NOW, so I bought these maroon ones instead. I'm actually glad I ended up with the maroon pair instead of the black because maroon is pretty much a neutral to me. It can be worn with so many colors. When I got home with these pants, I played dress up in my closet and put together 4 or 5 different outfits (which justifies the $20 price tag for me because I wouldn't normally pay $20 for soft,comfy pants). I may eventually put together a "ways to wear" palazzo pants because I feel like a lot of people would turn away from these pants not knowing how to style them, but they can totally be styled multiple ways!

I've included some palazzo pants options below that are all under $30!

April 16, 2015

four seasons, one dress: spring

four seasons one dress spring
spring outfit
4 seasons 1 dress - spring
Gap Dress: Goodwill $8
Button Up: Forever 21 $20
Xhilaration Wedges: Instagram shop $12
Fedora: Charming Charlie, gift carded
Total Outfit Cost: $40

Today is Priya and I's last installment of four seasons, one dress, and we are showing you how we styled our striped dress for spring! I can't believe it's been almost a year since we started this. Man this year is going by fast!

When it came to styling this dress for spring, I saw these yellow wedges looking a little lonely in my closet, so I knew I wanted to start with them. But then I got stuck when it came to what to wear with the wedges. I tried out a couple necklace options, but none looked right. Then my fedora was staring at me. My fedora is my absolute favorite spring and summer accessory! The outfit still didn't look complete, so I decided to knot my chambray button on top. I gotta say, for throwing this outfit together, I really love it! 
I love how Priya styled it also. A denim jacket over a dress is always a win in my book. And her green belt and bright pink lips totally make the outfit to me!

It was so fun styling this dress for all seasons! Just shows you what some accessories and styling can do for a pretty basic striped dress. I challenge you all to look at your closet differently. Is there pieces you can style for all seasons? I bet there is! 

That's a whole lotta Priyas and Danielles for one post ;)

April 14, 2015

tulip back

chambray blouse + white pants
tulip back shirt
chambray blouse outfit
Shirt: Forever 21 $23 [here]
Pants: Goodwill $3.50
American Eagle Sandals: Marshall's, gift carded (still in store and only $10!)
Necklace: Groopdealz $9
Total Outfit Cost: $35.50
See that last picture of me? That's the face you make when your husband tells you "stop fake smiling!" joking with me. No, he doesn't take my pictures for me. He just happened to be outside and of course always has pick with me about taking my blog pictures!
But y'all- I am so smitten with this shirt! I've already worn it twice since I got it. Don't worry, I will surely be posting that outfit too. Forever 21 calls this back a "tulip back." I don't really see how it looks like a tulip- maybe flower petals? But call it what you want, I love it. Maybe on a hot summer weekend I can get away with wearing a bright colored bandeau underneathe instead of a cami. I'm so modest when it comes to dressing though, so we'll see. The idea of it sounds cute. So everyone, go buy this shirt now, because it's awesome and perfect and you need it of course! ;)

April 9, 2015

chilly spring

chilly spring outfit
navy + olive + gray
Jacket: Old Navy (on sale) $25 [similar]
Jeans: Old Navy, Christmas money
Shirt: Gap (clearance) $3
Scarf: American Eagle (clearance) $6
Flats: Payless $20
Total Outfit Cost: $54

A couple weeks ago we had a chilly spring day. I thought it would be the last one, but nope! This past Saturday was kinda cool! This outfit was actually worn a couple weeks ago though. I'm ready for the weather to make up it's mind and just stay hot. I need my in-laws' pool to be warm enough to go swim! Know what I have been loving about the weather? The longer days. I love that the sun is out so much later. What I love to do is open all my blinds and curtains when I get home to let the natural light in. It just makes my heart smile! 

April 8, 2015

stripes + leopard

stripes and leopard
stripes + leopard
Shirt: Old Navy c/o Chippmunk 
Pants: The Limited (sale + coupon) $20
Flats: Lulu's $17
Necklace: borrowed stole from sista
Total Outfit Cost: $37

Now that I've finally replaced my leopard flats, I can't stop wearing them! I'm almost nervous that I'm going to wear a hole in them already! Haha. Even with bold stripes, they're just the perfect neutral for so many outfits. Not to mention they also helped to cover my unpainted toes. Don't worry mom, they are painted by now I promise! 

April 6, 2015

easter weekend

LBD spring
old navy t-shirt dress
Dress: Old Navy c/o coohpons.com
Jacket: Old Navy, gifted
Sandals: Target (bogo) $15 [similar]
Necklace: Forever 21 $9
Hat: Charming Charlie, gift carded
Total Outfit Cost: $24

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. I sure did! Saturday was spent shopping all day with my mother in law. We went out of town to shop because the shopping here isn't that great. We went to Burlington, Dirt Cheap, Forever 21, and TJ Maxx, and man did we find some deals! We were mainly home shopping, but I managed to squeeze in Forever 21 since for 1, we don't have one here, and 2, I needed to exchange this cardigan for the right size. I couldn't go there without looking around, so I ended up getting this paisley maxi dress , a black and white printed top, and a couple of my favorite camis. I really wanted some new necklaces, but there was only one rack of jewelry, and it was slim pickins. My favorite find of the day was a galvanized metal lantern from Dirt Cheap for only $7!

Easter Sunday was pretty low key. We went to church in the morning, and then for lunch we gathered with Larry's family at his Granny's. It's always great to get everyone together to celebrate what our savoir did for us. I have to say that I did miss my family though! I'm going see them all next weekend, so luckily I don't have to miss them for much longer. It's been about a month since I've seen them. 

So how was your Easter weekend?

April 3, 2015


green + leopard
business casual - spring
Blouse: Forever 21 $12
Mossimo Pants: (30% off) Target $20
Flats: Lulu's $17
Blazer: Aeropostale $25
Belt: Forever 21 $4?
Total Outfit Cost: $78

Truth be told, this is what I wore on St. Patty's day. If I were an organized blogger, I would have planned this post out to be posted ON St. Patty's day. But I'm not. I usually write a post the night before it goes live, or sometimes if I'm lucky, or a couple nights before. When you see an outfit on the blog, it could've been worn the day before or it could've been worn 2 weeks ago. When I first started blogging a couple years ago, I was more on track with my outfits and I'd post them either the day of or the day after. 

So I'm curious, bloggy friends, are you an organized blogger? Do you post your outfits the same day you wore them or later? 

April 1, 2015

pink & gray & a funny story

coral and gray
Jeans: Old Navy $20 Christmas Money
Shirt: Old Navy $5?
Flats: Payless $20
Scarf: Target (cleance & coupon) $3
Total Outfit Cost: $28

I've got funny story for y'all today! So last week I go to Marshall's on my lunch break. While looking through the home goodies section, I found these adorable little ring trays. I thought oooh I'll get one for the kitchen counter for Larry and I to put our rings on when we need to take them off (when I'm cleaning/doing dishes and when he works out). The one I picked out had on it what I thought was "Mr. & Mrs." While checking out, the cashier tells me it's cute. I get home, put it on the counter. Larry gets home later on from working out, and I tell him to look on the counter and see how cute the little thing I got for our rings is. He says, "it says Mr. & Mr." Me, thinking he's joking- "Isn't it cute???" Him- "No, it says Mrs. & Mrs.!" Me, still thinking he's joking- "Don't you love it?!" He walks over to me.... Y'ALL IT SAYS "MRS. & MRS." Dead. I'm so dead. We were dying with laughter! I am so embarrassed that I bought that!!