December 19, 2014

ugly christmas sweater

Sweater: Garage Sale $0.25
Legging/Pants things: Walmart $12
Boots: JCP $45 [here]
Total Outfit Cost: $57.25
It's that time of the year... ugly Christmas sweater time!  Is it just me, or is it kinda annoying that the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing is super in right now, so when I (whom frequents the Goodwill) go thrifting specifically for an ugly Christmas sweater, I can't find one! Grrrr.  I actually found this one last summer at a garage sale.  I had no ugly sweater parties planned at the time, but I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and buy it anyways.  Last year for our work Christmas party we decided to make it an ugly Christmas sweater party, but instead of wearing my garage sale find, I decided to be a little crafty, and I made my own. This year, I wasn't feeling so crafty.  So a year and a half later I got to finally wear my ugly sweater!  I think that I'm going to start collecting ugly Christmas sweaters in the summer so that I can actually find them! (and don't you take my idea! ;) haha 

December 17, 2014

all black on + a lil cobalt and mustard

all black + mustard sweater
mustard + cobalt
black peplum + mustard cardi
Top: Le Tote (first month free) [similar]
Legging Pants: The Limited (sale + $20 coupon) $20 [here]
Heels: Target $22 [here]
Cardigan: Zara $10
Necklace: Le Tote (first month free) [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $52
When I originally thought up this outfit I thought I would pair it with my striped skirt, but once I put it all together, it just wasn't working. Luckily, my favorite pants weren't far (ya know, on the ground in my closet... oops) so I grabbed them for a quick fix.  Some days the outfits in my head win, some days they loose. I'd say I won this time though because I actually like this outfit much better than with the skirt!
I hate to write such a Debbie downer post today, but man, I have just been in a funk this week. I was sick with a sinus infection last week, so I called into work Friday and went to the doc. They gave me antibiotics, a steroid pack, nose spray, cough syrup, AND a shot. I feel much better (other than this itchy cough that the cough meds don't help), but the antibiotics and steroids are just seriously messing with my sleep! I hate that even though I'm better that I have to finish them off. Last week I couldn't sleep because of the sickness, this week I can't sleep because of the medicine! So annoying! Especially coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys her sleep at night. I hope that this funk ends soon because Christmas is almost here, and I don't want to be the Grinch!

December 16, 2014

trimmed in leather

Cardigan: LeTote (got my first month free) [here]
J. Crew Tee: Bargain World Thrift Store $2
Pants: The Limited (50% off + $20 off coupon) $20 [here]
Boots: old
Scarf: Ebay $15
Total Outfit Cost: $37
This cardigan is another fabulous item Le Tote sent me! I fell in love with it the moment I put it on. I considered keeping it, but then I looked at the price online and I could never ever ever justify almost $70 for a cardigan. So sadly back to Le Tote it went. :(
I've had so much fun styling all of the gorgeous things Le Tote has sent me. And it helps with not having to think much about what you're wearing for 3 out of the 5 work days. They send you 3 clothing items and 2 pieces of jewelry, so I'll style each clothing item 1 way, making 3 outfits for the week, then I just wear stuff out of my own closet for the other 2 days! I've gotten 3 totes from them and so far I am 9 for 9 (clothing only) with liking what they send me and 8 for 9 with fit (one dress was too short).

December 15, 2014

wish list

wish list 2014
I've been sick with a sinus infection, so I've been spending a lot of hours on the couch. So I figured I'd share my Christmas list with y'all! 
{Taylor Swift 1989}: We listened to the whole CD a few times in the car during my bestie's bachelorette party, and I've decided I've GOT to have it!
{Victoria's Secret gift card}: I really need some new bras!! But I'm just too cheap to spend my money on them, so a gift card would come in handy.
{Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise}: I've worn my Michael Kors purse for over a year and a half now, so I think it's time for a new purse!
{Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler}: I saw Ginny's tutorial/review on this and I gotta have it.
{Moccasins}: Not exactly sure if these are supposed to be slippers or flats, but they look super comfy and cute.
{Michael Kors Watch}: Not something I necessarily need, but it would be real purrty on my wrist.
{Bootie Slippers}: I got some a few years ago for Christmas and I love them, but I've washed them one too many times now so the inside is all messed up.
{X ring}: I spotted a ring like this at Dillard's a few months ago, and I've been smitten ever since. 
{Keurig 2.0}: Brew for one or brew for all... need I say more? 
{Weekender bag}: I've been using a $4 Vera Bradley dupe for 4 years now because it's just the right size for me, but I'd love to have a bag made out of a better material instead of cloth.
{Steve Madden Leopard Flats}: The leopard flats I have currently are falling apart! These would be the perfect replacement. I swear I've been eyeing them for years.

December 13, 2014

our wedding, part VI: us

Wallace 301
Wallace 75
Wallace 302
Wallace 146
Wallace 303
Wallace 96
Wallace 305
Wallace 144
Wallace 306
Wallace 95
Wallace 307
Wallace 145
Wallace 348
Wallace 350
Wallace 351

Alright guys, I gotta admit that I am completely embarrassed at the fact that I am just finishing off posting our wedding photos!! We've been married a year and a half now, so I could've just not posted them, but I really wanted to document them and show them to all my blog friends (family and fb friends have already seen them all!). Plus, it was fun looking back on these pictures again (not that they aren't all over our house ;). I will try to post the last part (the reception) sometime soon.. hopefully that won't take me another 8 months! haha!

December 12, 2014

blanket scarf tips

sweatshirt dress and plaid scarf
sweatshirt dress + tartan scarf
Gap Dress: Plato's Closet $12
Leggings: Old
Booties: Plato's Closet $12
Scarf: Ebay $12
Earrings: Forever XXI Old
Total Outfit Cost: $36

Ohhh the coveted Zara tartan scarf. I would never pay such a crazy amount for a scarf, but I did find mine on Ebay! When it comes to searching for a designer piece on ebay without the designer price (aka the same thing from China but without the designer tag), you've got to think outside the box. To find this scarf, I didn't just type in the search box "Zara tartan blanket scarf" because when I did, all I found was people selling it for triple what Zara even sold it for. Obsurd. I can't remember what exactly I searched to find this one so cheap, but it was probably something like "plaid blanket scarf" (because who knows what "tartan" is anyways). I also change my search to sort by price + shipping: lowest first. I did the same thing when the J.Crew bubble necklaces were in style. Most people paid $30 for it... I paid $7 on Ebay. From China.

When I got my scarf in it was SO much bigger than I expected it to be. Like they weren't lying when they called it a blanket scarf, because guys, it's actually large enough to be a blanket. I was considering selling it and buying the Target version instead, but then I saw @stylethislife on Instagram say that she cut hers in half... brillant! I was hesitant, but I was going to get no use out of this scarf at the size it was. I live in Louisiana, it just doesn't get cold enough for all that.

So, shown below, I cut my scarf in half along the diagonal. The edges came frayed already so, I'm not worried about the frayed edges from cutting it. And if it does get pulled and messes up, I always have the other half!

how to cut your blanket scarf in half

Another thing, if you're like me and just realized this week that Christmas is just 2 weeks away... yes TWO... omg... you better get to shopping! I have a few people left on my list, including my husband. I bought his big present (which eeeek, he has NO idea what it is! so exciting!), but Santa hasn't bought him any stocking stuffers yet! My husband has a HUGE sweet tooth. Huge I tell ya. Like the man can't go to the gas station without walking out with at least a bag of gummy worms.  Yahoo! Style has some great gift guides you can check out. I will personally be looking through the sweet tooth gift guide for the hubby. I'm sure he will love me for it.

And if Santa is looking for some ideas for me... (hint hint LARRY)... he should take a look at the cold feet gift guide. It's got a ton of cute socks to keep your toesies warm. I don't know why, but fun socks has always been one of my favorite gifts! (I gifted the leopard ones above to myself last year ;)

I leave you with my favorite of Yahoo! Style' gift guides... the co-workers you love to hate gift guide 
. I hope it leaves you with a good laugh to get you to 5:00 on your Friday! (#15 is the best :P) Happy weekend!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

December 2, 2014

short sleeves in december & firmoo glasses

saturday style
casual scarf and chucks outfit
American Eagle Shirt: Goodwill $3.50 [similar]
Scarf: Target (clearance) $3 [similar]
Gap Jeans: Plato's Closet $12 [similar]
Chucks: Gifted [here]
Glasses: c/o Firmoo [here]
Total Outfit Cost: $18.50
 A couple weeks ago Firmoo reached out to me and asked me to write a review on a pair of their glasses.  I was super excited, and of course said yes!  Firmoo is an online glasses company that I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for blogging.  I've seen quite a few bloggers write reviews for them before, and now I'm getting the chance to!

firmoo glasses

Last time I got new glasses (about a year and a half ago) I went to almost every place in town that sold glasses.  It seriously took me like 2 months to pick out the perfect pair.  So now when I was going to have to pick out a pair of glasses online, I didn't know how in the world I was going to make a decision!  On Firmoo's website, you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on glasses, but I was lazy and didn't.  Instead, I knew I loved the pair of glasses I currently wear, so I just picked out a similar shape.

Placing my order was super easy.  It said that it would take approximately 2 weeks for them to process my order. That seemed about normal and the same as if I would have ordered glasses from my eye doctor.  Then the next day I got an email that my order had shipped!  So in only 3 days, my glasses arrived in my mailbox!

For such a great price for a pair of frames (these are only $39), they are really really good quality. My current glasses are Gucci and are much much more expensive, and I honestly don't see any difference in the quality of them.  I think Firmoo is a awesome company that provides great glasses at a great price, but I can't say that I'd order glasses online again.  I'm super picky with glasses (hence it taking me 2 months to pick out my last pair), so I like to see what they look like on before purchasing them.  I have a wide face so it's hard to find glasses that fit right.  These glasses fit pretty good, other than the arms are too long so they poke out behind my ears to I can't wear them and lean my head up against the couch.  So if you don't mind ordering your glasses online, I do highly recommend checking out Firmoo! Right now they are offering your first pair of frames for free- see here!
Disclaimer: I was provided these glasses free in exchange for a review, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thanks!