January 29, 2015

pinspired style: navy + maroon

gingham button up and maroon cardigan
navy + maroon
Shirt: Target $20
Cardigan: Old Navy (sale + super cash) $13
Pants: Gap (clearance) $10
Booties: Just Fab $20
Total Outfit Cost: $63

Today I'm linking up with Audrey's Putting Me Together Style Challenge to copy an outfit you've pinned. I've actually been meaning to copy this pin for a while, and this challenge gave me the chance to go ahead and try it! I wanted to wear it with my gray jeans like the pin, but I didn't want to wait until Friday so I wore my navy pants instead. I love the way this outfit turned out, and this may be one of my new favorite color combos!

Well my husband and I have the flu (my first time ever having it) so I'm going to get back to resting! I literally slept all day yesterday. Today we're feeling a lot better though, thank God! :)

January 27, 2015

sister weekend

navy + mustard + gray
gray jeans outfit
Shirt: Old Navy (clearance) $8
Jeans: Old Navy (sale + 30% off) $20
Scarf: Ebay $4
Boots: JCP $45
Total Outfit Cost: $77

My sister was in town this weekend, and I have to say, we had some awesome (much needed) sister time. We started our weekend off Friday night with some chickfila, watching my husband box at the gym, then falling asleep on the couch watching a lifetime movie on Netflix (the pregnancy project). What party animals, I know!

Saturday morning we cooked breakfast together- omelets and toast with muscadine jelly (so yum). And coffee of course. Can't forget the coffee.  After that we took over 2 hours to get ready. No lie. I let her do my makeup and she took for.ev.er. Plus, I'm just impatient. Then we went to Old Navy. We both bought this dress for only $12 (I got indigo, she got black)! I also got a blouse that was on clearance for $2.97 (yepp cheaper than Goodwill). We went to the movies to see Boy Next Door (good movie, but crazy ending). We went to Plato's Closet. Sista always finds good stuff there! I tried on this adorable leather dress, but for 1. where would I wear a leather dress? and 2. it was an ugly green color. I did end up leaving with some adorable teal pumps though! Sunday we went to church and brunch with Larry and his granny, then we just hung out for the rest of the day and watched Gone Girl.

  I'm so glad I finally got to spend the weekend with my sister. She really is my best friend and it stinks that we don't get to spend more time together since we live 2 hours apart.

January 26, 2015

four seasons, one dress: winter

1 dress 4 seasons- winter
four seasons one dress - winter
Gap Dress: Goodwill $8
Cardigan: Zara $10
Scarf: Plato's Closet $3
Tights: Old Navy (on sale) $4
Boots: JCP $45
Total Outfit Cost: $70

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend! My sister was in town, so I sure did! Today Priya and I are showing y'all how we styled our striped dress for winter. Priya looks adorable all bundled up in her thick gray scarf and olive coat! I know some of you may think that my outfit isn't very winter-y, but it's as best as it's going to get when it's 64 degrees outside! Funny story actually... Back in November when Priya and I were getting our four seasons, one dress fall edition ready, we had some winter weather in the fall. So, I had actually worn this same outfit, but with fleece lined leggings, a thicker scarf, and my coat., but I couldn't share that outfit for fall! So pretty much it was winter in the fall and now fall in the winter. Crazy. 

And below, for your viewing pleasure... bloopers! Let me just say, it's so much easier taking my pictures with my tripod. I had my sister take these, and I swear every picture she took was terrible! I guess I have my tripod set up at just the right angle? I have no clue but I swear, everysingletime I ask family/friends/husband to take my blog picture, I hate the pictures. HOW do you all get your people to take good pictures of you?Or are y'all just that photogenic and I'm not?? Lol

four seasons, one dress: summer
four seasons, one dress: fall

January 22, 2015

winter bright

coral and leopard
coral sweater
Sweater: Express $15 merchandise credit
Scarf: Ebay $15
Jeans: Old Navy gift carded [here]
Boots: JCP (on sale) $45
Total Outfit Cost: $60

So I'm kinda in love with this coral sweater I picked up from Express.  I'm so sad that it doesn't photo well though!  I've really been wanting some baggy, comfy sweaters, and this one was perfect.  I don't normally shop at Express, but Larry had gotten a gift from there that didn't fit, so I returned it and had merchandise credit to spend for him.  I could've been a bad wife and used the whole merch credit for myself, but I sustained!  I ended up finding him a red zip up hoodie. All of their clearance items were an additional 50% off, so I got the hoodie for $15, and had another $15 of merchandise credit to spare. I promise I did look for him something else!  I just didn't see anything he'd like or need.  So, I moseyed myself over to the women's clearance and grabbed a hahandfulf fun stuff to try on!  As soon as I tried on this sweater, I knew it was a keeper.  I also scored a scarf for $7 (you'll see it in my next post)!

January 21, 2015

fur vest, printed dress

vest + dress + booties
fur vest + printed dress
Dress: Forever 21 (sale + bogo) $11 [here]
Vest:  SheInside $20
Tights: Old Navy (sale) $4
Booties: Just Fab (50% off) $20
Total Outfit Cost: $55

Back in December, Forever 21 was offering BOGO free on their clearance items, so I had to hit it up! I ordered this dress I'm wearing, another dress (that was too short :(), 2 shirts, and a big comfy cardigan all for $50. A few days after I placed my order, Nicole posted this outfit in a dress with almost the exact print as this one! I just knew I had to copy her outfit. I added my navy tights since it was cold outside. Luckily my fur vest kept me pretty warm. I should also note that Nicole was one of the main reasons I bought a fur vest last year. She kept posting all these ridiculously cute outfits in hers, so I had to have one too.

January 19, 2015


Dress: Le Tote (had referral credit) $25/month 
Boots: Just Fab (on sale) $20
Necklace: super old, maybe even from high school
Total Outfit Cost: $45

Can we talk about Pretty Little Liars for a second?  I don't even get excited for it to come on anymore.  I pretty much just watch it because I have to.  No, no ones making watch it, but I feel like I'm just watching it because eventually we'll all find out who A really is and it'll all make sense.  But for now, I'm bored with the show.  I barely pay attention to it when it's on anymore.  Like now as I watch it, I'm typing this.  I used to be so enamored in the show and had to focus 100% of my attention on it while I watched it.  Not so much anymore.  Anyone else feeling the same about our beloved PLL??

Also, thanks everyone for your input on this outfit! Just an fyi- constructive criticism is always welcome on my blog! 

January 15, 2015


plaid dress + black boots
plaid dress
Dress: Forever 21 $25
Legging/Pants: Walmart $12
Boots: (on sale) Just Fab $20 
Belt: came off a dress
Total Outfit Cost: $57
The more I look at these pictures, the more I just don't care for this outfit.  I can't pinpoint what it is about this outfit that I don't like though.  Maybe it's the necklace + belt combo that I don't normally do.  Maybe it's the belt in general.  But without the belt, the dress is too baggy.  Who knows.  Maybe I don't need to pinpoint what's wrong with this outfit, and instead put it on the blog and in the past.  Normally after looking back at an outfit I wore and deciding I don't like, I wouldn't post it on the blog.  This time I am though.  It's what I wore, and it's what I liked that day.  Maybe I'm just being too critical on myself!

January 13, 2015

so faux

Sweater: Marshall's $17
Jeans: Old Navy, gift carded [here]
Vest: SheInside $20 [love this one and this one]
Boots: JCP $45 (sale + 15% off coupon) [here]
Total Outfit Cost: $82

I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago to one of my many family Christmas parties.  As I was getting dressed and my husband saw what I was wearing he said, "I'm going to tell people I killed that!" ...HA HA Larry.  It's faux fur babe, faux.  He's a mess.  He didn't actually tell anyone that, thank God.  I'm thinking about starting a list of "things my husband says about my clothes."  I'm glad I have this blog so I can document them here(see what he said about my wide leg pants here).  So It was pretty chilly that day, so I thought I'd dress warm in my new white sweater and my fur vest.  Normally I'm a cold natured person, and even in this I'd still be cold, but this day I don't know what was wrong with me but I was HOT.  I had to take the vest off a few times because I was burning up!  My mom kept thinking I was sick, but I wasn't!  I felt fine!  It was weird.  I have to say though, I hate hate hate being cold, so I'd so much rather be hot than cold.

Speaking of cold, gah- my office, it's freezing!  How can it be 26 degrees outside one day last week and they still have yet to put the heater on inside!  Our office is in a tower and the entire building is controlled off of one thermostat so we can't adjust it.  I have a small heater at my desk and that doesn't even help much.  It's ridic!

January 8, 2015

the most awesome sweater

owl sweater
le tote owl sweater
Sweater: Le Tote $25/month (someone signed up so I got $25 credit- yay!) [here]
Legging/pants things: Walmart $12
Boots: JCP $45 (on sale + 15% off coupon) [here]
Total Outfit Cost: $82

Y'all. This sweater. I'm smitten. I mean it's got an owl on it... WITH glasses! I love owls and I wear glasses (duh)! It's another one of those Le Tote pieces that I wanted to keep, but just couldn't justify the price. Oh well! It was fun for a day, but not really a piece I'd be able to "remix" that much.

The past week has been a busy one! New years eve we had a small party at our house. It was fun, but I pretty much just wanted to clean up the whole time because I couldn't stand seeing my house messy. OCD much? Maybe so. Haha. New years day I woke up pretty early and went to the big Dillard's sale. All clearance items were an additional 50% off! The shoes and handbag areas were pure craziness. I myself went for some cheap bras. I ended up with 4 bras ($5 and $7 each), 2 pairs of earrings ($4.50 each), and some leggings for 5 bucks.  After that I picked up some Chinese take out for Larry and I. So traditional, I know haha. I called my mom and had to laugh to her because my family always eats black eyed peas and cabbage on new years, but I hate both. Maybe Chinese take out will be Larry and I's new year tradition. :)

NYE collage

 I was in my BFF MAPS (the accronym for BFF in Spanish) wedding on Saturday, so Friday I we had a bridal luncheon at a plantation home, then we went to get our nails done. Then Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner.

friday 1-2

Saturday was spent getting ready (hurr done, nails done, errrthang diddd- sorry, I had to!), and then THE WEDDING! Ahh it was SO gorgeous! I told her that I'll have to post the pictures to my blog so that I can pin them on to Pinterest because the whole wedding was so pin-worthy!

sat 1-3
Sunday morning I had my sister her cut my hair. The ends were so long and stringy and gross. As long as I've been growing out my hair, I had to say goodbye to about 4 inches (btw my sister is in beauty schoo, I wouldn't let her cut it otherwise). Then, I had lunch with one of my friends that I haven't seen in forever. Sunday evening, I did Christmas with my dad's side of the family. Monday I had a doctor's appointment, then I finally headed home. BUSY I tell you. I'm kinda glad that the craziness is over, but then again I'm not. Part of me loves being that busy!

January 7, 2015

favorite moments of 2014

When I first began thinking of 2014, I thought it was a boring, insignificant year. Of course, it could never compare to 2013! But then I started looking back at pictures and thinking more about 2014... it wasn't so boring after all! Thank goodness for pictures I tell ya. I've always been one to take a lot of pictures, and for this reason exactly- to remember. I loved taking a walk through memory lane for the past year. Here are some of my favorite moments of 2014!

my best friend asked me to be in her wedding | I became a big sister for the 4th time & met my baby brother | spent time on the lake over the summer | celebrated our 1st wedding anniversay
celebrated my 23rd birthday | I met my tiny little nephew | went to Disney's Night of Joy and got to see Hillsong perform my favorite song- Oceans | I met Mickey Mouse & he talked to me
went to the Katy Perry concert | a weekend hunting trip | celebrated Thanksgiving with my families for the first time in 4 years
went trick-or-treating with Larry, Charlie, and family | Kaylee's bachelorette party weekend | celebrated Christmas with my families

I can't wait to see what God has in store for 2015!