September 19, 2014

young business casual

Peplum Blouse: Plato's Closet $8
Cynthia Rowley Pants: Marshall's $25
Heels: Target (bogo) $22
Necklace: Groopdealz $3
Total Outfit Cost: $58

Long time no blog post, eh? We got back from our wonderful Disney vacation last Tuesday, but I just couldn't get myself to write up a new post! I was partially busy unpacking, cleaning house, washing clothes, etc... but partially I was being just plain lazy. Ain't nothing wrong with that! Being in Disney World makes me miss living there soooo much. It just feels like home to me! Unfortunately there's no chance I'd live there again. It's way too far from all of our family. I can't say that our future children will be Disney deprived though. I feel like we'll probably be that family that vacations there every year. I'm already ready to go back! Too bad it may be another 3 years or so before we do. :( I'll miss ya, Mickey!

On to the outfit- something about this outfit just says "young business casual" to me. I know that a couple of years ago when I thought of business casual I thought of black flare dress pants, black flats, and a boring blouse. I've been wearing business casual to work for 2 years, and I now know that business casual doesn't have to be plain and boring! Take a look at this outfit I wore to my first day of work 2 years ago when I worked at Top Gun Aviation. Not boring, but just not me. In 2 years I've learned how portray my own style even when having to dress business casual! Did you ever have a certain style in your mind when you thought business casual?


  1. This teal color is fantastic on you! I love taking business casual and turning it into something just a little bit more fun, and a little bit more me. You did just that here!

  2. What a great top! I totally know what you mean about finding your own business casual style. My office is super casual, so I try to still dress appropriately, without being over-dressed. So glad you had fun at Disneyworld! Still haven't been yet.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. From the looks of Instagram, you guys had a fun trip! But I'm glad you're back, because this outfit is absolutely adorable. I love the bright color of the top paired with a more classic pair of bottoms. The shoes are a fun touch! Definitely a great look for work!

  4. I love how you paired the orange with the teal! I would have ever thought to mix the colors like that! And the leopard heels are ALWAYS the perfect pop to any outfit! You're definitely right, nothing boring about this outfit sister! I love it! :)


  5. Yay! Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you had such a nice time. I didn't know you used to live in Florida! What brought you there? I think you've got the whole business casual thing down! I love those shoes every time you wear them. You look amazing girl!

  6. That top is so pretty, Danielle! I love the color and the shape on you. And what an awesome bonus that it's thrifted, too!

  7. Girl you are seriously so thrifty! I adore all your outfits and love seeing you pop up on my feeds :) So glad we are blogging friends! Also, tops like that are my absolute favorite. You rock it!

  8. I definitely had the same idea of business casual! My office is more business casual lite... we can wear jeans whenever. There is such a range to how people dress. Which is great for days when I don't feel good.. but I do try to put a little more effort into my outfits now than I did when I worked at a preschool (all yoga pants, vnecks and hoodies)... which was great some days.. but other days I wanted to be able to dress nicely. Love this outift! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I'm totally with you! I thought professional attire meant ill-fitting wide leg slacks and an ugly blouse. Thank goodness we figured it out! You look amazing - the blue is such a great color on you!

    Welcome back!

  10. You're sooooo much more than cheep-o clothes, girl...

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  11. Love this top and color combo. Your trip to Disney looked so fun too!