June 30, 2014

june closet additions

6- june closet add

I was clearly too lazy to number the clothes this time so top to bottom, left to right:

Gap tank: Goowill $4

J. Crew tees (I also got the same in black, not pictured): Bargain World thrift store $2 each = $4

Old Navy chambray popover: garage sale $1

Cynthia Rowley blouse: Goodwill $4

Gap striped sweater: Goodwill $4

Ralph Lauren v-neck tees: Goodwill $4 each = $12

Old Navy tee: Old Navy (on sale) $4

Forever XXI Kimono: Instagram shop $12

Old Navy embroidered tank: Goodwill $4

Navy polka dot tank: Instagram shop $8

Old Navy dress: Instagram shop $10 [worn here]

Gold tassel necklace: Ebay $4

Old Navy floral chambray: garage sale $1

Gap polka dot tee: garage sale $0.50

[not pictured] Old Navy white sweater: Goodwill $4

Total spent: $78.50 - clothes sold: $48 = $24.50

So I added quite a bit to my closet this month, but the good thing is 1. I sold a lot, and most importantly 2. the thrifting god's shined upon me this month!! A lot of people  say you can either get quantity or quality, but this is pure proof that you CAN have both. I got so many great name brand, quality pieces this month. 


  1. You totally got so many great pieces at thrift store prices! I'm loving all those tanks!

  2. I love the coral tank/blouse and the green tank, so pretty!

  3. omg i need the polka dot tank. where is it from?!

  4. You scored a TON of great items this month! I am just smitten over that Cynthia Rowley top. SO so pretty. Oooo, and that navy tank looks PERFECT! I find it funny that you bought all tops this month (well, and a necklace haha). Can't wait to see how you style them!

  5. You did get some great stuff! I'm hoping to get some thrifted goodies this week!

  6. Wow! Great pieces. I especially love the polkadot tops!

  7. You did awesome! I have had some good luck at garage sales recently, too. Amazing what you can find even cheaper than Goodwill haha! :) That popover is super cute.

  8. Ooooh, that Cynthia Rowley top is so wonderful! I love all the coraly-pink things you got this month, Danielle! It's one of my favorite colors to wear - I'm eager to see how you'll style your new things!!