June 26, 2014

pinspired style: neon + neutral

Old Navy Dress: Instagram shop $10 [similar]
Cardigan: Ross $8
Belt: Goodwill $0.99
Flats: Payless $20 [similar]
Bag: Garage Sale $2 [pretenting it was this one]
Total Outfit Cost: $40.99

When I went to wear this dress to work the other day it hit me that I had seen someone style this dress before. It didn't take me long to remember it was Jessica from Here & Now! I totally went back to her blog and stalked it until I found this outfit. I loved that she toned down the neon-ness of this dress with neutrals, so I decided just to go ahead and copy the whole outfit!

So I took a couple months away from blogging, and most bloggers will come back and announce.. surprise! they're pregnant. As much as I'd like for that to be my reason, it's not. But while away from blogging I've been.... falling asleep early... re-wearing outfits that I loved... wearing "un-blogworthy" outfits.... getting into my pjs the second I get home... not worrying about taking blog pictures... not opening my lap top... taking #ootd selfies on instagram... watching too much tv (including all of season 2 of Orange is the New Black)... being lazy... aaaand I started a new blog (here). What have you been up to lately? 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the fun neon dress and it looks perfect paired with a neutral!

  2. i'm so happy you're back (but also so happy that you took the time to watch OITNB, because, obvi). sometimes you just need to shut the laptop for a while. i've been starting to feel it, but i'm not sure i'm quite ready yet. i love this outfit, and even more i love that you're going to share your IVF journey. i had no idea, and i think it's so brave that you're sharing your story as it happens.

    xo nicole

  3. Great seeing your cute self, I'm excited to check out the new blog too,

  4. I'm glad that you took a little break since that's what you needed. The R&R sounds fantastic (and I'm a new fan of OITNB as well!!). I just checked out your other blog, and I am so eager to follow along. I think what you and Larry are doing is so brave, exciting, nerve-racking, etc. Good luck with everything!!!

  5. I have been up to mostly the same, the easy days are fantastic, but blogging does take a backseat. I just glimpsed at your new blog and I am wishing you the best going forward in your journey!

  6. I love your take on Neutrals + Neon! So happy to hear that you were inspired by my blog :) Totally made my day!!!

  7. You did such a great job with this neon yellow dress. Love it toned down with the cream cardi and those flats are cute+comfy. I own them also.

    Good luck with the new blog and your journey towards parenthood. =)

  8. while I'm glad you're back, I think all of your reasons are very worthy of taking a little blogging break! I love re-wearing outfits that I've enjoyed and also wearing very simple, not great for blogging, outfits, and agreed, that's not exactly conducive to fashion blogging :) also- OITNB! yes!! I watched season two nearly as fast as I could.

    finally...I had to check out your new blog, and wow! IVF is something I know nothing about, and like Nicole said it is very brave for you to share everything so openly. hoping for the very best for you and Larry, and I'll be following along! have a wonderful weekend!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  9. LOVE this. love, love, love this outfit. pinning!

  10. Good for you! Missed seeing all of your inspirational ensembles, but I appreciate an unapologetic self care! Thank you so much for sharing!


  11. cute dress, love how you paired it with the neutral cardi. i wish you all the best with your IVF journey my dear xo