July 3, 2014


Under Armor Tee: Goodwill $4 [similar]
Two by Vince Camuto vest: Bargain World thrifit store $2
Jeans: Old Navy (clearance) $8
Sandals: Rack Room Shoes $24 [simialr]
Hat: Plato's Closet $6 [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $44
Cooking: everyday
Drinking : water
Wanting: ice cream
Looking: forward to spending the next few days with my sista
Playing: America's Got Talent
Wasting: no time
Wishing: I could wear rompers and flower crowns every day 
Enjoying: Charlie's snuggle-ness lately
Waiting: for September
Liking: this romper for our Disney trip
Wondering: if it'll rain this weekend
Loving: the top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance this season
Hoping: the next two months go by super quick
Needing: a highlight. pronto.
Smelling: hotdogs. Larry just reheated them in the microwave
Wearing: pjs
Noticing: the lightning outside. eeeeek scary
Knowing: that I have a ton of clothes to fold tomorrow morning.. meh
Thinking:  of content to write in blog posts is hard for me
Feeling: anxious and nervous 
Giggling:  at a joke I just told Larry... what's the cheapest meat? deer balls, they're under a buck!

ps. I stole this list from Nicole


  1. I'm a big SYTYCD fan too! Love that the new season is on, since there isn't really much else on TV right now! Love this look, it's pretty awesome that you got that vest for $2!

  2. Oh my gosh, this outfit looks SO cute on you! I cannot even believe that tee is from Under Armour. It looks so soft and cozy! And a VC vest for $2?? Crazy good find!

  3. Such a great outfit! Who would have known that tee is UA?!

  4. Hi! I recently joined the blogging world and I love what you do here! After a clothing fast I realized how fashionable and affordable consignment and thrift shopping can be! I love sharing my steal deals with people and hearing about their deals too! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. P.S. I'm about to do a post on my shopping haul at Plato's Closet $1 clearance sale! I hope you'll stop by and check it out! Tee hee!

  6. Aww, I love this outfit on you, Danielle! I am typically not the biggest fan of fedoras, but you look darling in yours. I really liked reading this post as well - I've had this list sitting in a post draft for ages, but haven't actually taken the time to do it! I'll need to get on that soon!! :)