March 8, 2013

love lace

Lace Dress: Forever 21 Momma bought it for me :)
Belt: Cotton On $3.50
Booties: Shoe Station (clearance) $15
Scarf: Cotton On Gifted
Bracelets: Goodwill & Gifted
Total Outfit Cost: $18.50

This is the same dress I wore for my engagement photos (shown here), and I absolutely love it! This is how I wore it to church on Sunday.  A little white lace dress is so versatile, so if you find you one, get it!  I plan on wearing it casual in the spring with some sandals and a jean jacket, and then I'll probably end up wearing this for my bridal shower too maybe with some nice wedges.

Spency just wasn't feelin' outfit pictures and turned his head. Santa brought him his camo skinny sweater. Instead of skinny jeans, he wears skinny sweaters... what a hipster. But really he's just so chunky that he looks like a sausage in it. Wouldn't it be so cool if I could find him or Dutchess something at a thrift store? I'd totally him them their own outfit post.

Happy Friday, friends!
I am off to Larry's hometown where we will be searching for our home together! (eeeek can't wait!)

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  1. dying over this outfit. you look amazing. one of my favorite things you've ever worn on the blog.

    have fun house hunting!!
    xo nicole

  2. So cute! I'd wear this in a minute and am kicking myself I didn't get tights this color when they went on sale at Target. So cute.

  3. I need a lace dress!!! Your's is sooo cute! For my friend's bachelorette party we are going to Nashville and she wants us to wear lace. :) That sweater is so cute. Haha! My dog has a camo collar. He doesn't fit in many sweaters, except maybe mine! Haha! Good luck house hunting!!!

  4. Very cute look! The dress is adorable!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  5. I have a very similar lace dress and I wear it with my burgundy tights too! I love the look of a cream lace dress, so easy to style up and down. Cute outfit!

  6. This is SO your look. You always look so classy and beautiful in the dress + leggings/tights combo. & that scarf? so perfect.

    Yay for exciting!!

    -Jenna Brianne

  7. I think this is my favorite outfit that you've posted. SO CUTE!
    And yay for house hunting! How fun - hope you find something great!


  8. What a pretty dress. I find things for me dogs and cats all the time at thrifts and yard sales, usually new too. Found my dog the cutest little Santa suit for Christmas. How fun house hunting, good luck!

  9. A white lace dress is on my wish list! Great outfit!

  10. Hey Danielle! I'm loving this combo! I really need to get some colored tights! I'm starting to see that they're way more versatile than I thought! I am day 2 on my brand new blog! One of the reasons I started one was because of your posts. You really taught me to be a little more thrifty and I wanted to share all of my finds as well. I would love for you to stop by sometime!

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  11. I love this dress! And the boots! I feel like this kind of dress is so versatile like you can dress it up and dress it down. I love lace so I should add something like this to my wardrobe.

  12. Super cute Danielle! I love how you styled the burgundy tights! I have a pair and I always struggle with how to wear them :/

  13. I'm loving this dress. It reminded me I need to finish the lace dress I'm making right now.

    Also, I've nominated you for the liebster award! Your blog is so fun!!
    If you want to participate just go to and follow the rules.

  14. Such a pretty lace dress and your pup! What an adorable pup! :)

  15. This outfit is so pretty, I love the colors.