June 30, 2014

june closet additions

6- june closet add

I was clearly too lazy to number the clothes this time so top to bottom, left to right:

Gap tank: Goowill $4

J. Crew tees (I also got the same in black, not pictured): Bargain World thrift store $2 each = $4

Old Navy chambray popover: garage sale $1

Cynthia Rowley blouse: Goodwill $4

Gap striped sweater: Goodwill $4

Ralph Lauren v-neck tees: Goodwill $4 each = $12

Old Navy tee: Old Navy (on sale) $4

Forever XXI Kimono: Instagram shop $12

Old Navy embroidered tank: Goodwill $4

Navy polka dot tank: Instagram shop $8

Old Navy dress: Instagram shop $10 [worn here]

Gold tassel necklace: Ebay $4

Old Navy floral chambray: garage sale $1

Gap polka dot tee: garage sale $0.50

[not pictured] Old Navy white sweater: Goodwill $4

Total spent: $78.50 - clothes sold: $48 = $24.50

So I added quite a bit to my closet this month, but the good thing is 1. I sold a lot, and most importantly 2. the thrifting god's shined upon me this month!! A lot of people  say you can either get quantity or quality, but this is pure proof that you CAN have both. I got so many great name brand, quality pieces this month. 

June 26, 2014

pinspired style: neon + neutral

Old Navy Dress: Instagram shop $10 [similar]
Cardigan: Ross $8
Belt: Goodwill $0.99
Flats: Payless $20 [similar]
Bag: Garage Sale $2 [pretenting it was this one]
Total Outfit Cost: $40.99

When I went to wear this dress to work the other day it hit me that I had seen someone style this dress before. It didn't take me long to remember it was Jessica from Here & Now! I totally went back to her blog and stalked it until I found this outfit. I loved that she toned down the neon-ness of this dress with neutrals, so I decided just to go ahead and copy the whole outfit!

So I took a couple months away from blogging, and most bloggers will come back and announce.. surprise! they're pregnant. As much as I'd like for that to be my reason, it's not. But while away from blogging I've been.... falling asleep early... re-wearing outfits that I loved... wearing "un-blogworthy" outfits.... getting into my pjs the second I get home... not worrying about taking blog pictures... not opening my lap top... taking #ootd selfies on instagram... watching too much tv (including all of season 2 of Orange is the New Black)... being lazy... aaaand I started a new blog (here). What have you been up to lately? 

June 23, 2014

dressing room diaries: thrifting lately

Ann Taylor Dress: This dress is actually this gorgeous teal color, and you guessed it, it was a definite keeper!

My mom and my sister loved this dress on me and wanted me to get it so bad, but I just saw myself wearing it only once. 

Old Navy dress: I remember wanting this dress last year when it was in the store, but if you've been following along long enough, you know that I don't like to pay $30 for a dress. I scored it at Goodwill for on $6. ;)

I loved this dress, but it was too small! I couldn't even zip it in the back!

Target Dress: Too big. 

Gahhhh I am kicking myself for not getting this! It was too short to be a dress I could wear to work which is the reason I passed it up.

Target Dress: Definitely looked better on the hanger. 

BCBG Maxazria dress: I couldn't get a picture of the whole dress because it was too short in the front (it was slightly high low), but the bottom hem had the same detailing as the top. This dress was so pretty and feminine and soft. It was a total bummer that it was too short!

J.Crew tee $2: I  found this shirt in both hot pink and in black and took them both home because they are super soft and comfy!

This is one trip to the Goodwill! 3 Ralph Lauren v-neck tees, red Gap tank, white Old Navy cardi, red and white striped Gap cardi, and an Under Armor v-neck. All only $4 each!

I also found this Old Navy dress during the above trip, but I passed on it because the seam sat on a weird spot on my hips and it made me look like I had an inter tube around me. Not flattering.

This picture is one day of thrifting with my mom and sista at Plato's Closet and at Goodwill. We definitely racked up!