April 1, 2015

pink & gray & a funny story

coral and gray
Jeans: Old Navy $20 Christmas Money
Shirt: Old Navy $5?
Flats: Payless $20
Scarf: Target (cleance & coupon) $3
Total Outfit Cost: $28

I've got funny story for y'all today! So last week I go to Marshall's on my lunch break. While looking through the home goodies section, I found these adorable little ring trays. I thought oooh I'll get one for the kitchen counter for Larry and I to put our rings on when we need to take them off (when I'm cleaning/doing dishes and when he works out). The one I picked out had on it what I thought was "Mr. & Mrs." While checking out, the cashier tells me it's cute. I get home, put it on the counter. Larry gets home later on from working out, and I tell him to look on the counter and see how cute the little thing I got for our rings is. He says, "it says Mr. & Mr." Me, thinking he's joking- "Isn't it cute???" Him- "No, it says Mrs. & Mrs.!" Me, still thinking he's joking- "Don't you love it?!" He walks over to me.... Y'ALL IT SAYS "MRS. & MRS." Dead. I'm so dead. We were dying with laughter! I am so embarrassed that I bought that!! 


  1. Ha that's so funny you didn't notice it at the store... :P

    Looove this scarf!


    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I could see myself doing the same thing. And even though there's probably a fix to it, I would just leave it. Haha.

  3. Haha oops! Guess that's going back! I love the soft colors of your outfit here Danielle!

  4. That's hilarious. But you look absolutely adorable - I love the mix of soft colors.


  5. LOL! I know you're embarrassed but that story makes my day!

  6. That story is really funny, but I bet they were cute anyway. It makes for a great story.

  7. HAHAHA. You officially made my day with your story and your pretty gray/pink outfit.

  8. hahaha oh my gosh, that's too funny!