May 1, 2015

april closet additions


1. Paisley maxi dress: Forever 21 $16
I wish this dress was still online so I could recommend it to y'all! It's sooo soft and comfy. It will definitely be a staple for spring and summer.

2. Sandals: Target (BOGO 1/2 off) $15
I orginally ordered another pair of palazzo pants with the sandals, but I accidentally ordered the wrong size! Then when I returned them, they were sold out of my size. :( Luckily, I still got these sandals at the BOGO price!

3. Necklace: Le Tote (clearance) $12 used purchase credit = $0
Back in December Le Tote offered purchase credit to all of their customers because they moved locations and there were possible delays. I finally used my credit when they put a lot of their merchandise on clearance.

4. Black and white printed shirt: Forever 21 $10
Another soft and comfy find from Forever 21.

5. Old Navy teal cardigan: Dirt Cheap $10
When do you not need a new colored cardi to add to the closet?

6. {not pictured} Pink Belt: Charming Charlie (clearance) $6

7. {pictured below because I almost forgot about them} "Donny" Heeled Sandals: Just Fab $40 used last months credit = $0
I was mad that Just Fab took my money last month, but it ended up working out for the best because I adore these heels! I don't regret that $40 one bit. ;)

Total Spent $57 - Clothes sold on Poshmark $19 = $38

Total Spent this year: $124


  1. I saw those pics of you in your new maxi dress on Instragram--it looks fantastic on you! With your fedora and sandals it makes the perfect summer outfit :) I notice that you sold some clothes on Poshmark. I'm not too familiar with the site and have all my items listed on eBay. What's your selling experience like on the site? How much do you get to keep of the sale price?

  2. I can't tell you how many times I tried to sell cardigans to thrift stores only to be turned down -- and the ones I try to sell have barely been worn. I'm happy to hear you were able to find something you not only liked, but loved, on JustFab. Can't wait to see how you style them!

  3. Pretty!! I love that black and white top! and I'm continually amazed by your control when it comes to shopping! XO -Alexandra

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