October 23, 2012

Pinspired Style: Stripes & Floral

Today I was inspired by the floral and stripes look I've been seeing a lot of on Pinterest!


My Look:
Shirt: Cotton On (clearance) $5.00
Vintage Skirt (hemmed): Goodwill $3.49
Belt: Forever 21 $7.00?
Flats: Goodwill $2.99
Bracelet: Forever 21 $7.00?
Total Outfit Cost: $25.48

 I got this skirt over the summer, and I almost forgot I even had it. Funny thing about it is that one day I was extremely curious as to how other bloggers knew that some of their stuff is vintage. So, I googled it and I found this article: 11 Ways to Know its Vintage by Labels and Tags. #1 is Union Labels. Well, the next day while at Goodwill with my mom, I spotted this skirt with this beautiful floral print. I tried it on and had to have it. Then I checked out the tag, and surely enough, a union label!

Does anyone have any tips/tricks on how to tell if something is vintage?

The Vintage Modern Wife


  1. LOVE THIS LOOK! Don't know if I could pull it off but you are just too cute!

  2. Love this look! And thanks for the link to how to know it's vintage - that will come in handy!

  3. Really cute! I love your inspiration and how you did your outfit! Thanks for linking up with us again :)

  4. Loving your pattern mixing with stripes + floral! Very Cute!


  5. Your Goodwill finds never cease to amaze me! Your outfit is even cuter than your inspiration pics! Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. I think you totally got the pattern mixing perfectly! I like that skirt and would love to go to Goodwill with you!

  7. I've got to try stripes and floral! Love how you wore it!