October 25, 2012

Nothing Thrifted

Shirt: Old Navy $3.99
Skirt: White House|Black Market Outlet $9.99
Belt: Hand-Me-Down
Bracelet: Forever 21 $1.80
Sandals: Payless $12.00
Total Outfit Cost: $27.78

None of my outfit today is thrifted! That rarely happens for me! I wanted to post this outfit anyways because I wanted to show you that you could still shop in regular stores and not spend much. I got this skirt at the White House|Black Market outlet this weekend. It was originally $88.00! Then, marked down to 49.99, then I have no idea how but it got down to $9.99! I really wish I had a denim jacket to wear with this, but I can't find one at a thrift store! Anyone know of where I could find one for an affordable price?


  1. When I saw the title I had no idea how cheaply you would be able to put together an outfit! That skirt was a steal at 9.99! A denim jacket would be a nice addition to the look - I'd love to have you come shop at thrift stores near me to find it! But, I'd be happy to look for you - if you want to give me some specifics, I'll keep my eyes open.

  2. I found a fabulous jean jacket at Target!
    Might want to check there if you haven't yet.
    Love this outfit, too. -Chelsea