March 3, 2013

engagements part II & a big thank you

Can I just say that I have the best blogger friends? Y'all are awesome. Last Saturday I asked for advice on some boots, and y'all gave it! I've been so overwhelmed with happiness from all of your lovely comments lately. I'm so glad that I can inspire others to thrift and bargain shop. With school, work and planning a wedding, I know I could not keep this blog up without all of your support. Thank y'all!

[beeteedubs: I didn't get the boots even though I could afford them because I know that I need new sandals and would rather wait and spend the $100 on boots closer to fall]

And finally, here are some more of my engagement photos :)

((wow what an amazing handsome Godly man I have in my life, I sure am blessed))


  1. girl, these photos are incredible. you look like ecstatic engagement barbie. and good call on waiting for the boots. keep an eye on them to see if they go on sale in a month or so--i love buying winter/fall stuff out of season. i'm excited to see what new sandals you buy! i have a madden girl pair i bought last summer and i'm just going to wear them forever because they are so darn comfy and cute.

    sorry i write the longest comments always. love you girl!
    xo nicole

  2. I'm a new follower from the Fearless Fashion Friday. I participated too! I was stalking your blog and I have to say I love Goodwill too. I shared some of my tips to in my post. I saw some of yours, and I totally agree about "size doesn't matter!" Finally, someone who gets it :-)

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Love these pictures! You too look great! Smart move on waiting on the boots, I need t do some serious saddle shopping too, problem is I don't know what I like....

  4. These pictures are amazing. SO beautiful! :) I'm so happy and excited for you!! I can't WAIT to see wedding pictures- you are going to be a gorgeous bride!

    -Jenna Brianne

  5. The photos are gorgeous. Engagement photos are amazing! You'll love seeing these photos framed and around your house even after the wedding. My husband and I have ours all over our house, and we love the sweet little reminder of that exciting time in our life!

  6. Love love loooove. These are so gorgeous..y'all are so gorgeous! :D

  7. These are gorgeous girl! What a exciting time for ya, hope your enjoying every second of it. It all goes by too fast.

  8. Your photos are gorgeous Danielle!! P.S. if you want any advice on planning a budget wedding, I might be able to help :) Min cost $5,000... not to bad I thought ;)


  9. Congratulations my dear!
    Thanks for sharing your forever.. ;)


  10. Awwww, these photos are adorable! Love them all :)

  11. You are so stinking cute! Love the one where he is picking you up! :) They are beautiful!

  12. My sister is about to get engaged. I am very happy for her and want to give a surprise party at a local event venue Chicago. Want to make this day special for her as she is starting with a new life with her childhood friend.