March 6, 2013

Wear to Work Wednesday: Michael Kors dress

(see here the last time I wore this dress)

Michael Kors Dress: Goodwill $4.99
Belt: Garage Sale $1
Booties: Shoe Station (clearance) $15
Total Outfit Cost: $20.99

Soooo guess what Larry and I are doing Saturday... house hunting!!  We found a few in our price range and in the area we are looking for, so we are going tour those houses with a real estate agent. None of the houses seem like the perfect house by looking at the pictures online, but ya never know! And this is just the start! I'm hoping we drive around and find a few more to check out that weren't online.  
Any tips for finding the perfect home for us? 



  1. Such a pretty dress! What a find! Exciting about house hunting, I hope you guys find the perfect home!

  2. Danielleeeeee! I am super excited for you guys! I can't believe y'all are going to buy a house, this is so awesome!! Curtis and I are just going to live in the duplex that he currently lives in.. but it's MUCH better than my dumb apartment, so I'll be happy.

    Super jealous of your MK dress, it's adorable! :)

  3. Good luck on your house hunting! My advice is to not get hung up on the way the house is decorated. Paint is cheap and easy and everything will look different when you move your stuff in. Have fun :)

  4. Awesome Find!!

  5. What a cute dress..... and a bargan!

  6. Such a cute look and I love how you styled it with the cute tights! Fabulous find!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  7. Have fun house hunting!!!! Good luck!! I hope you find the perfect home for you both! I love this outfit! VERY CLASSY! :)

  8. If you're not in a rush to move, bank-owned (short sale) homes are often priced to sell. They take longer to occupy (like 2-3+ months) but they're usually the cheapest! Also, it helps when your real estate agent is one of those agents that works 70-hour-weeks and has loads of clients, because that means he/she's right in the middle of your area's market and will know off the top of his/her head properties that you should see. (I work in a real estate office, haha!). Don't be afraid to call local realties in your area and ask to speak to different agents, either!

    Also: a Michael Kors dress found while thrifting? Get out of here. This should be your job.

  9. Nice outfit! I like MIchael Kors, I've found shoes twice and a purse but never clothes. But I'll keep looking. Good luck on the house hunting, so fun! My experience is that I get a feel when I walk in about the right house, no matter how it looks, I just know : )

  10. stunning outfit, I love the dress <3

  11. I just found your blog... and I absolutely LOVE it! I love bargain hunting and putting an outfit together for as little money as possible. You have a new follower. Ps, love the maroon tights!