August 13, 2013

bridals | part I

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Quite a few months ago, they played a video at church that was in this gorgeous old church. After the video, both my mom and I looked at either other and said that we have got to do my bridal pictures there! She messaged our pastor on facebook to ask him where the church is, and he told us it was the abandoned St. Mary's Episcopal Church in St. Francisville, La. I used my wonderful google skills and found the address to the church and sent it to my photographer, Tate. 

 The day of my bridals, I got my hair and makeup done. My makeup took a tad bit longer than expected, so we got a late start to heading to the church. Once we we're finally on our way, we got stuck in Baton Rouge 5 o'clock traffic, and if you're from the area, you know how bad that can be. It was terrible, and I felt so bad because I didn't want to hold Tate up. I texted him , though, and him and his wife, Sarah, weren't too far ahead of us, caught in the traffic too. I was still worried about time, though! These pictures were going to be taken outside, so we've gotta take them before the sun goes down!
Tate makes it to the church about 10 minutes before us, and texts me a picture of the church... WRONG CHURCH. We then show up to the address the GPS brought us to. YEPP WRONG CHURCH. 


OMG was all I was thinking. Where the heck are we and where is my church?? Trying not to panic, we all started searching the church on our phones, and turns out it doesn't even have an address. The address I had found and sent to Tate was to a St. Mary's Episcopal Church... but one not nearly as old or as beautiful.  

Tate tells us that his friend who lives in St. Fancisville told him what road to go down to find it.  So, we drive another 45 minutes.  We drive up and down this hwy that the church is supposed to be on, and there's no church anywhere. I start getting bummed and realize now we just need to find somewhere to take pictures.  We see these little old slave cabins (shown in the pictures above) and decide that that will work.  

 But not for Sarah, Tate's wife. She was DETERMINED to find the church. While we stayed and took pictures, she drove back down the hwy to look for it....
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I leave you with this picture of me, mom, and my sister in a cow pasture.... find out if we ever found the church in part II of my bridal pictures!! ;)


  1. What a beautiful bride! Love these pictures!!

  2. You look gorgeous! Love this picture location, even if it's not what you'd intended.

  3. I just can't get over what a gorgeous bride you make. Simply beautiful.

  4. i have opened these like ten times this week just because they are so pretty and make me feel good. i even showed my boyfriend. i was like 'dago, look how pretty danielle is. wait this one too. just look at all of them with me..."

    you're incredibly beautiful *and* smart. you've got it all, girl.

    xo nicole

  5. Ah! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  6. You look absolutely stunning! And I love that you got a good deal on your dress too because it is gorgeous!

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  7. Oh lordy! I love the story behind it. Your pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS chica. I really wanted to take pictures at an old church as well..but I never found the perfect one, so I settled on where I took my pictures. You look simply beautiful though! Can't wait for part II!