August 26, 2013

unblogworthy + what happens when your husband agrees to take your blog pictures

shirt: appricot lane, gift carded (but on clearance for only $6!) | LC Jeans: Kohl's, gift carded | Sandals: Rack Room Shoes $24 (I think)
Total Outfit Cost: $24

This outfit has zero styling whatsoever. It is literally just me in a t-shirt and jeans. And while most bloggers wouldn't post an outfit like this for fear of it being "unblogworthy," I say blogworthy smlogworthy. I wore this outfit to work on a casual Friday, and then to Larry and I's Friday night date to my favorite Mexican restaurant in town, and I thought it was cute, so here's a picture of me in it. 

And for shitsandgiggles here is the reason I set up my tripod in the backyard and take pictures of my own little happy self....
For one, my husband sucks at taking pictures. I purposely didn't crop this picture. I wanted to show y'all his raw talent...
And two, I just end up taking silly pictures like this one when he's taking my picture! I don't think anyone would ever take my blog seriously if all of my pictures looked like this, amiright?

Also, I entered the's Expert Shopper Contest with my coral blazer outfit. Help me win by loving my look here! By the way, you can vote each day too. Please go vote :)


  1. I would prefer people post more "normal" outfits! Glad you do!

    When my husband takes photos, they are always hilarious.

    1. yes!! I agree with you totally... and I love her look!!

  2. I think your husband should take more pics lol, this is a classic!

  3. Love your outfit! It may just be a tee and jeans, but it shows that if you do it right, that's all you need to look cute and put together!

  4. i'm the same way when dago takes my photos! it's just me giggling or dancing around. he is also turrible at taking photos--always blurry, always at a super weird angle. thank god for tripods!

    xo nicole

  5. I have those same LC jeans from Kohls and I LOVE them!! They look cute on you.

  6. I love this look.. it works for me.. this is def something I would wear all the time...

  7. I like it, the tee is really cute!

  8. I like it, the tee is really cute!

  9. LOL!!! I think he did just fine and you look freaking adorable...and this is TOTALLY a blogworthy outfit!! That top is so fun!!

  10. That top is SO cute!! Totally blog-worthy! It looks really airy and comfy too for the insanely hot weather we're having!

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