August 24, 2013

bridals | part II | the abandoned church

Make sure you read part one of my bridals to read the story on how we almost didn't find this gorgeous church!

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As soon as we got done taking these pictures, we got in the car and Sarah had texted Tate telling him she found the church! We drove back down that highway until we saw Sarah' s car on side of the road... in front of a fence. A fence with no gate. Ummmm. How's this gonna work?

So, my sister climbs over the fence, Tate gets on all fours, and there's still no way I'mm getting over that fence. With a mermaid style dress you can't lift your foot up very high! We end up unzipping my dress and I hold it to where it's still on me and I pull it up so that I can step up on to Tate's back. I then pretty much jumped into my sister's arms on the other side and luckily she caught me!
That's where this picture comes into play. We pretty much jetted across this huge cow pasture dodging cow patties to get to Sarah waving her arms in excitement. All of this seriously felt like we were in some sort of movie. It was just a whirlwind of excitement when we got past the cow pasture and saw the church. Oh yeah and another fence! Once again, Tate had to get on all fours and my mom and sister helped pick me up and Sarah caught me on the other side this time.

The church was everything I thought it would be, and though we had to rush through pictures because of the sun going down, I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. Tate is seriously the best photographer!

KI6A4535 copy

Oh and after we were done taking pictures we saw that there was a dirt road leading to the church! So, we didn't need to jump the fences after all!! haha
& right after this picture was taken Tate saw a snake! We were so scared! We didn't know whether to walk slow around it so it wouldn't notice us or to run fast around it... we ended up running! :)


  1. Amazing pictures, so beautiful! And you've got this fun story to go with them!

  2. Amazing pictures, so beautiful! And you've got this fun story to go with them!

  3. I'm glad you can laugh about it! You're a much better woman than I am! I would have been losing my mind! haha And you look amazing to have just hopped 2 fences!! It was totally worth it though, that church is amazing and your pictures turned out beautifully!


  4. These photos are SO beautiful! The church was a great backdrop for bridal photos. Glad it all worked out for you in the end, and now you've got some fun memories :)

  5. Gorgeous photos!!! What a great photographer...but he had a great model to take photos of :)

  6. OMGGG!!! I absolutely loooove these photos.. U were a gorgeous bride!!!

  7. These pictures are so pretty Danielle!! I have no idea how I missed this post before. That church is such a perfect place for such important photos :) GOR-GEE-OUS!!

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