October 8, 2013

floral, stripes, and bows!

LC Blouse: Kohl's, gift carded
Blazer: stole from sista
Pants: Old Navy, $22
BCBG Flats: Marshall's (clearance) $25
Bracelet: JCP $2
Total Outfit Cost: $49

So just so y'all know, I totally DON'T blog in real time... aka this outfit was actually worn early last week. Today I'm actually wearing a SCARF! Yepp, that's what I said! We FINALLY had a cold front come here in Louisiana the past two days.. ok so by "cold front" I mean when I leave for work its like 58 degrees, and then when I leave work its in the low 70's... but still... that's cold to me! Cold enough for me to wear a scarf! That outfit will be up later on in the week.
Hope your week began with fabulous scarf and bootie wearing weather also! :)


  1. Love the look! I have a similar blazer and I'm definitely going to have to wear it with floral. Loving our scarf weather too :) while it lasts, that is.

  2. I love the shirt! LC has some good pieces. :)


  3. That is exactly the kind of weather we are having too! I finally got to wear my booties and I am definitely looking forward to breaking out the scarves soon! Also, I love that blouse!

  4. i'm going to forget you mentioned you don't blog in real time and pretend you do :p

  5. loooove this outfit! especially the blouse- LC Lauren Conrad is one of my new favorite lines! :)

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  6. could this outfit be anymore perfect? no. it could not. that teal is YOUR color. you look so pretty!
    this is like a quintessential Danielle outfit. and i want it all!

    xo nicole

  7. I love this outfit! All of the pieces work so well together!

  8. I don't know how people blog the same day as they wear an outfit! I'm usually about a week behind real time. I really love your shoes, btw!

  9. Very cute! I have this blazer and love it. You look great. Also, I don't blog in real time either, although sometimes I wish I could.

  10. I haven't busted out my booties yet, but I should! I love this blazer on you. The color is so pretty. I'm not sure too many people blog in real time anymore. I only do because I want to know exactly when I wore what, and keep my blog more as a journal than a piece of art.

  11. I really love your color scheme here. You do perfectly what I try to do too--take colors from a top and make them stand out by wearing matching completer pieces or accessories. Very well done here. That blazer is such a pretty color and I always love when you wear those adorable bow flats!

    Exploring My Style