December 18, 2013

thrifted jessica simpson dress

IMG_8726 IMG_8727
Jessica Simpson: Goodwill $5.99
Leggings: Walmart $5
Booties: Marshall's $30
Total Outfit Cost: $40.99
Just when I was doubting my Goodwill, I spotted this gem. I'm obviously not a designer gal (c'mon hellloo I shop at the Goodwill), but I love to thrift designer pieces because I know I'm getting a quality garment for just a tiny fraction of the price. And hey not to mention the bragging rights. ;)
Ok, I want your honest opinion on these booties. When I found them at Marshall's, I grabbed them up quick and were positive they were a keeper. Well... I put them on the next day for work with some jeans and they looked weird. I wore them anyway. Gahhh dumb decision. By the end of the day I couldn't get over how weird they looked on. I feel like they make my legs look short and stubby. I'm so on the fence with them because they are SO cute. They just don't look right with clothes. Odd, I know! Hah. So are these booties ok to keep wearing and not waste my money? Or should I attempt to sell these on my shop my closet page?


  1. The booties are a keeper! I think you paired them well with this dress. :)

  2. I think the booties are cute with this dress. And I also love thrifting expensive stuff--so satisfying!

  3. The booties are what actually drew me to this post even though the dress is a beautiful print and mixture of colors. Did you try them with jeans rolled up at the cuff? Some of my booties look REALLY weird unless the pants I'm wearing are rolled just a bit above them. I love them with tights and this dress, so I wouldn't change a thing about that look :)
    Little Bit of WoWe

  4. I like the booties a lot. I think they might look better with leggings than with jeans and maybe that's what you were experiencing? Also, love the dress. I too love getting a great deal and designer for less! :)

  5. I WORK at marshalls, and debated buying them myself! they just didnt call my name !

  6. I WORK at marshalls, and debated buying them myself! they just didnt call my name !