August 19, 2014

beauty faves

I always love to see what beauty products others use, and a lot of times I find products that I like from others' recommendations.  So today I thought I'd share some of my current favorites! As you've probably guessed, all of the stuff I use is very affordable, and most of is the cheapest of the cheap!


1. Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: This stuff is my saving grace. If it wasn't for this stuff here, I'd have to wash my hair every day. I've tried the Treseme and Suave dry shampoos, but they just don't compare to this one. This one soaks up all the excess oil in my hair making it look like a freshly washed head of hair!
2. B.a.r.e Soaps: These are 100% natural soaps. I use starry night on my face. It has activated charcoal in it that helps reduce blackheads and acne. I use cupid's love on my body, and man oh man it smells so good I want to soap up with it 3 times. What's cool too about B.a.r.e Soaps is that the paper they wrap the soap in is plantable and will bloom into wildflowers! I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon. 
3. Neutrogena oil free makeup remover: I have always worn waterproof mascara, and I swear this is the only stuff that will get it off! (other than coconut oil, but that stuff gets my eyes all foggy)
4. Chapstick: Been addicted to this stuff since the 8th grade. I don't go anywhere with out it.
5. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm: I picked up the color "unapologetic" at Target a few weeks ago and have been smitten since! It's the perfect hot pink, and I love that it's matte. I also have "elusive" for a pretty everyday pink. 
6. Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen: I only included this one on my collage, but I actually use the pencil and liquid eyeliners too. The liquid pen is definitely my favorite. It goes on smoothly and stays on all day.
7. Covergirl Simply Powder: I've been using this powder pretty much since I started wearing makeup. I've tried out different powders, but I always turn back to this one!


  1. I need to try that dry shampoo. The stuff I have just doesn't make me feel fresh.

  2. I'm gonna try that dry shampoo as well! I've been using Suave but the Not Your Mother's has been recommended to me by a few people. Also- I love my eye "pens", but I have super cheap ones! I should try this one next!! I also like seeing what beauty products people use too.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. If you want to try a different dry shampoo, Batiste is amazing. I hear it was the first, or at least one of the first, and it works so well! I tried Suave too as Danielle Wo recommended a long time ago but it stunk SO BAD and didn't work very well. I wash my hair only once a week and use dry shampoo once or twice. That's all I need! Highly recommend it.

    I've hear great things about those Revlon lippies. I'm currently loving NYX butter lipstick. I don't like lipstick or even gloss all that much but these feel like a balm. So smooth and last quite awhile. Those soaps sound amazing! Where do you get yours?

    1. I'm glad to know it's not just me who thought the Suave stunk. At first it's fun and fruity and then two seconds later I have a splitting headache because it's so strong.

  4. I LOVEEE those Revlon lip crayons! I am really awkward at applying lipstick, so these are like a dream come true for me :)