August 11, 2014

on repeat

Dress: Apricot Lane, gift carded [similar 1 + 2]
Necklace: Forever 21 $6 [exact
Sandals: Apricot Lane, gift [similar]
Belt: came off another dress [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $6
This dress has been on the blog numerous times. You wouldn't think that a printed dress would be so versatile, but it really is! I even worn it a few more ways that didn't make it to getting pictured for the blog. Another thing that I've been re-wearing is this necklace from Forever 21. I got it 3 weeks ago and have literally worn it 3 times a week since! I wish I had a pendant necklace like this in every color. So, if you see any similar to this one, be sure to let me know!
Last year, my co-workers got me a gift card to Apricot Lane for my birthday, and that's how I got this dress. This year they got me a gift card to Old Navy. How should I spend it? I'm thinking a new pair of jeans because my favorite pair I bought from there have holes that are growing so I won't be able to wear them to work on casual Friday anymore.
Dress also worn [here] [here] and [here]


  1. oooh pretty dress! i love the sandals as well :)

  2. Using your Old Navy gift card on jeans sounds like a great idea! I would use it on them, or maybe on a military jacket.

  3. that dress is ADORABLE. seriously, I can see how it would be so versatile.

    and we are necklace twinning - I even wore mine today!

  4. I love this dress! So happy to see it being remixed over and over again. That's pretty much what my tee dresses are doing for me right now.

  5. Wow, the dress is adorable, which is an obvious reason to remix, but $6 total?!?! I think you win the best deal award. That's totally crazy! Great one!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. $6?? $6?! That's one heck of a thrifty outfit! And I'm loving the dress; I'd wear it all the time too! :)


  7. awesome dress! It's so cool that your co-workers get you a bday present! We usually just have cake or something. I'd much rather have a giftcard!

  8. This is seriously an awesome dress. I need to find the perfect black and white dress. What a fabulous find! It looks amazing with the cognac accents :)

  9. I found some similar necklaces on Jane! They have quite a few color options.