August 25, 2014

green + leopard

Cardigan: Garage Sale $2
Tank: Old Navy, gift carded
Skirt: Ross $6
Heels: Payless (clearance) $10
Necklace: ebay $4
Total Outfit Cost: $22

Monday came here way too quick, dontcha think? When will we all turn to 3 days weekends? Speaking of 3 day weekends, I totally thought I'd be getting one next weekend because I go from working Mon-Fri to Tues-Sat for September. So I would be off Saturday to Monday right? Well nope! I completely forgot that I'm working Labor day! Booooo. Oh well, still only a 3 day week for me though, because we're going to Disney World that week!
I spent Saturday with my best friend, and we got all our Disney reservations, fast passes, and outfits all in order for our trip! We were so productive! We even finished the day watching Frozen. We are definitely big kids at heat forever. I can't wait to show ya'll our Disney Bound outfits we have planned for the trip. :)
Other ways I've worn this blouse ----> 1 2 3


  1. Disney! I've never been, so I'm a bit jealous. And I love this outfit. I'll probably end up copying it, especially since I have that same green top!

  2. This outfit is perfection! I have something similar pinned, but no green shirt to try it with. Excited to hear about your trip!

  3. THOSE HEELSSS! Sorry, just got a little excited there!

  4. That combination looks wonderful. You sure do find great things. You have a stellar fashion eye.

  5. Ahh it's exciting that you are going back to Disney! I really like this outfit. I think green and leopard make a great combination and it looks even better with the black and gold!

  6. What a cute outfit! I love the leopard with the green! I'm excited to hear about your Disney trip! My hubby and I are going in late October, so I'll have to take some notes :)

  7. I love this combination!
    My husband and I went to Disney World together a couple years ago--it was definitely one of the best trips we've ever taken. Have fun!

  8. Thanks for caring to share this outfit. Will definitely duplicate for work. Always wanted to go to Disney from a child....still hoping I'll be able to (now with my family).

  9. This is such a great outfit! Love the emerald color with leopard. I'm so jealous of your Disney trip. I've only been once but it was most favorite vacation EVER! Hope you have a great time :)

  10. You always find awesome stuff!

  11. This is such a chic look! Love it!


  12. I love the leopard, I think it's perfect with the green, and then I saw those shoes! Amazing look head to toe.
    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Fabulous look. Love the leopard paired with the blouse!

    Alysia Ave

  14. This cardigan: HOW! I need a leopard print top so bad, I cannot believe this was a garage sale find!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya