November 7, 2014

totes free

Dress & Necklace: Le Tote (got my first month free)
Leggings: Old
LC Booties: Kohl's, gifted
Total Outfit Cost: $0
A couple weeks ago I got an email from Le Tote that for 2 days only they were offering your first month FREE. Yes ma'am, I said FREE. I jumped on that right away and ordered my first tote. If you don't know what Le Tote is, it's a rental subscription site for clothes, kinda like Netflix. They send you 3 clothing items and 2 pieces of jewelry in a box (you get a cute free tote bag too!) and you can wear it and then send it back for another tote. You can get an unlimited amount of totes each month. If you decide that you want to keep something they send you, you keep it and then they charge you for it. Easy enough! If you're interested in signing up for it, you can do that here.
Also, these pictures were taken the Monday night after the time change, that's why the're so dark and ugly. I get off at 5 and usually I'm home about 5:25. I def didn't think that it would be pretty much dark by 5:30! I was on my way home from work, and I saw the sun setting and all I kept thinking was nooooooo! As soon as I got home I rushed outside to take these pictures and they came out crappy. After, I tried taking pictures inside and they were even crappier (is that even a word?). So, now I've resorted to taking pictures before work which sucks because I'm always in a rush in the mornings.


  1. That dress! Those boots! This outfit is classy and perfect.

  2. Cute program, love the dress and I am still liking that pot your mom brought over!

  3. Super cute and I adore your glasses!

  4. How did I miss a free le tote?! I'm so mad at myself! lol. And that dress is so beautiful too!

  5. I love this dress!! And yay for a free month. I've thought about trying LeTote, but I'm so stingy with my clothing budget!

  6. haha, I love the title of this post. so clever. but even if you don't keep anything, don't you still have to pay a monthly fee for the service itself? that's where i get stuck. right on the fence :/

  7. That outfit looks wonderful on you. You got a great deal on that dress.

  8. I almost got a free tote too, then I was worried I emd up buying stuff I didn't need 😁. You look great!

  9. I love this outfit, Danielle! I'm a closet fan of navy and black together...and you did it perfectly with this outfit! So simple and chic!!

  10. Hi! I just signed up for Le Totes... I was wondering if you ended up keeping your subscription or not and how you like it.



    1. I kept it for another month and a half! I just put my subscription on pause a couple weeks ago because I started feeling like my own closet wasn't getting worn. I def plan to pick up my subscription again!