February 9, 2015

dressing room diaries: goodwill x2

I was out of town on Saturday, so I had a chance to stop at a new Goodwill. I was really hoping to find some house stuff, but this one had barely anything in what I call the "junk" section. Luckily their clothes section wasn't lacking, so I tried a lot of stuff on (and kept a whole lot of people waiting for a room since there were only 2... oops).

  Gap Sweatshirt: I've been looking for a cute sweatshirt that doesn't look too frumpy like the ones I have now. Sadly this one was too short and kinda small.

Merona Dress: So I already have 3 other gray dresses (see here, here, and here) and I don't really need another but look at this one! I had to have it! Even better, the cashier rang me up for a sweater instead of a dress, so I got it for $4 instead of $6!

Old Navy Dress: I loved the color of this dress. Unfortunately it hit me in a weird place on my hips and was just unflattering (I attempted to hide it in this picture). 

Bow back shirt: My sister actually has this shirt in coral, and it's super cute on her. I just wasn't feeling it on me though.

Mossimo (or Merona) Shirt: I thought this blouse was cute and would've been good for work, but I didn't like the way the neckline fell on me. I'm one to always wear a cami, and I feel like the cami would poke out at the top and look silly. 

Gray blazer: I knew this would be big, but I tried anyways because it's so perfect! I was right though, too big. :(

Forever 21 Sweater: This was a large, so I knew it would be too big, but I thought it might be good to wear with leggings. I liked it and contemplated it for a minute, but decided to leave it at GW because the material wasn't great. 

Gap neon pink tee: I have a thing for thrifting Gap tees I swear! They're just so soft and comfy! I ALMOST got this one, but decided I just need it.

Christmas vest: I know I won't be able to find any gems like this closer to Christmas, so this came home with me! The cashier rang me up for a tank top instead of a sweater, so I got it for only $2!

Forever 21 bow dress: After GW, I stopped at a small local thrift store called Hand Up. I found this adorable little dress that I think would be perfect for Valentine's day, but they didn't have a dressing room!

I was looking through my phone and I found some pictures from Goodwill trip from a month or so ago.

Orangey-red boyfriend cardi: Looking back at this picture, I can't remember why I didn't get this!

Gap cardigan: This was a little big for me, so I brought it home for my sister!

Gap popover: Was too big and looked like a night shirt on me.

Red dress: I liked the style of this dress, but it was a little big. Plus, I didn't care for the material or the color.

Forever 21 sweater: I've been looking for a sweater or cardi this color and I was excited to find this one, but unfortunately it wasn't in great shape. The band at the bottom was slightly stretched out. 

Have you thrifted any goodies lately?


  1. I love the deep blue of that one dress, it's striking.

  2. I found a Fossil cross body bag at one of my local goodwills just last weekend. It is in brand new condition. Only paid $7.50 for it!

  3. The grey dress is adorable! I would have snagged that bad boy up too!!

  4. you find the cutest stuff at goodwill! no fair! i love the sweater dress and the forever 21 sweater. i get why you didnt get it though.

  5. I actually just went thrift shopping last night and found some great stuff. I got brand new grey boots, a navy pin-striped blazer, and a brown and black polka dot sweater from Gap. All for just under $20!

  6. Such a bummer! I hate when it's so hard to find good things! I haven't been thrifting since early December. I'm excited to go sometime later this month... but I'm trying to cut down a little... I was bringing too much extra home... haha My parents are getting ready to move and are trying to downsize A LOT, so my mom let me dig through a lot of her stuff she was giving away. I managed to find some jackets, coats, sweaters etc that will work for me... all fo' free! haha The best. Also, I definitely took something of hers for a Halloween costume! So don't feel bad, I totally get you xmas sweater purchase!! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I have that same sweater dress from Target! I bought it on clearance and I wear it all the time. It's so easy to dress up or down, sometimes I wear it layered with a plaid shirt underneath, sometimes I belt it, sometimes I wear it with a denim jacket or scarf. You won't regret buying it, especially at that price! Love your blog!

  8. The last time I went to a thrift store, Council Thrift Store, I was looking for some inexpensive purses. I happened to find three there, a green vinyl one, a black vinyl one and a Pucci knock-off clutch. All three for $12! They aren't Chanel, but I've already carried the green one twice and I love it.

  9. I totally agree with your choices for these Goodwill trips. The grey dress is ADORABLE on you! An absolutely perfect fit and you have so many options for how to wear it. You could belt it, wear it with a scarf, blazer or cardi, layer a button-up underneath, colored leggings or tights, any color or style of shoe. I'd say, good choice :) Good call on the long cardi also. It's a flattering fit on you but the hem is a little messed up. You were smart to leave it :) Oh, and don't you just love when they ring you up incorrectly?? Extra savings!

  10. Hoooooow can a place sell clothes without a dressing room? I feel like that's akin to selling food without having a bathroom (which I'm pretty sure there are laws against). I am sad you didn't keep that orangey cardigan because it looks so good on you!

  11. Okay, that gray sweaterdress is AWESOME!!!