February 27, 2015

february closet additions

So I've decided to start documenting what I spend on clothes each month again. I did this for a few months last year, but stopped quite frankly because I was lazy. Honestly, I was trying to hard to make my collages pretty, so it was too time consuming. This time, if I have time to make a pretty collage, I'll make one, if not, who cares. After all, this is just a blog.

Last month I didn't keep track of what I bought, but I will tell you that I bought it all with Christmas money and/or gift cards... that gives me a big goose egg for Jauary. $0 spent.
(I do remember that I bought this dress in blue, this dress in black & white, and these jeans)

Now for February. This was a weird month for me shopping wise. I actually had no desire for new clothes any time I went anywhere. I usually will walk through the mall, Target, Marshall's, or Ross on my lunch breaks, and if I happen to find anything I'd like (at a good price of course) I'd get it. But it was weird because I'd go and start looking through one rack of clothes and get bored. I swear this has never ever happened to me before. I LOVE shopping. And now all of a sudden I dont? I really don't get it. Now I did force myself to look through the racks at Goodwill (see my dressing room diaries) once because I was out of town and my Goodwill here is terrible. I scored this awesome sweater dress that I want to wear every single day.

January Budget
All things gift carded/Christmas money
Total Spent: $0

February Budget
Merona Sweater dress: Goodwill $4
American Eagle sandals: Marshall's $10 gift carded
Total Spent: $4

***If you read my dressing room diaries post, you know that I did purchase the ugly Christmas sweater vest. Since that isn't something I plan to wear regularly (or y'all would hope not right?) I'm not including it in my budget. I make my own rules haha ;)


  1. Wooo hoo! Look at you go! I have not been that disciplined this year. Mostly goodwill purchases, which is good. But I also hit a good target sale, 40% off clearance + 20% off clearance on cartwheel. So I got 1 cardigan, 2 blouses, 2 pairs of leather leggings, 1 tshirt, 2 pairs of flats for ~$99. I did end up returning one top. So probably $20 less than that. Not too bad. I had really been needing new flats and leather leggings! So it felt like a pretty good deal! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I've had the same boredom; I used to use my free Monday mornings to go to Target for coffee and clearance rack shopping and now I'm just like "meh" and don't even bother going. Congrats on only spending $4 so far this year!

  3. $4 dress! That's a winning find. I still haven't had much luck at Goodwill. I just don't have the patience, but you always make me think I should try again.

  4. Love that dress, what a GREAT find!

  5. This is usually a time of shopping fatigue for me, too. A combo of sale/clearance overload from the post-holiday season and being a little hesitant to dig into full-priced spring merchandise that I may not be able to wear for a few weeks. Sometimes we just need a break :)

  6. I know how you feel about having shopping fatigue. I just inventoried all of my clothes and accessories so I was burned out on clothes, with no desire to shop. The other day I had to go to the post office, so I thought I'd stop at Goodwill and see what else I could find. Not only did I find a beautiful white vintage 1960s coat for $15 at an antique store, I also found, at Goodwill,a Gucci purse for $9,99, a Ferragamo purse for $6.99, a Claude Montana sweater for $5.99, an orange shawl/scarf for $3.99 and a pearl necklace for $2.99. I was so happy with what I found it lifted my fatigue. And to think I wasn't in the mood for shopping?

  7. $4?? Pretty sure that's a record low (besides the zero month last month of course). That dress you found is adorable!! It reminds me of the one Priya won with a giveaway. I bet it'll look nice with patterned leggings or colored tights!

  8. Enjoy seeing all your great finds! I have not been in the mood to shop for myself lately. I think I am just being lazy with whole trying on thing, because I have shopped plenty for the kids and house. I just picked up a pair of Nike shorts for my oldest son today at Marshall's for $6...they were marked clearance...already!