June 25, 2015

how to wear pjs to work

palazzo pants outfit
palazzo pants outfit 2
Mossimo Pants: Target $20 [here]
Blouse: Target (30% off) $16 [similar]
Necklace: Forever 21 $9
American Eagle Sandals: Marshall's, gift carded
Total Outfit Cost: $45
Some days I wish my office was a little more dressy... like pencil skirt and pumps dressy. Please note, these "some days" were before pregnancy! Anyways, I can totally wear a pencil skirt and pumps to work, but my office is pretty casual. I've said it before, but we're on the casual side of business casual. This outfit? Completely work appropriate! And this has got to be the comfiest work outfit ever. Feels just like pjs to me! 
Ps. These pictures are from over a month ago. If you saw yesterday's post, you know that my stomach is no longer that flat!!


  1. The pattern is so nice on these pants. We just switched to scrubs at my office, so I'm kinda excited about that now. Scrubs are like work pjs. I do miss my closet though.

  2. Those look so comfortable - just like pajamas! I love having the flexibility of a casual office. It's nice to dress up occasionally, but you also need those casual days as well. And congratulations to you both on the exciting news! I can't wait to read along about the little one.

  3. cute cute cute!! I looove the blouse, how did I miss it at Target.. ? I am there on the daily... lol

    XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. I love those pants and that outfit! You'd fit in well, and look totally well-dressed, out here in L.A. where casual can become a bad thing. You show how to do it right. I wore a pair of blue print wide-legged pants and a light blue special edition Hello Kitty t-shirt to the Hello Kitty Fun Festival, because I had to be comfortable, and I felt very appropriately dressed.

  5. Those pants look so comfy! I'd love to find a pair. They seem great for chilly summer evenings, to wear to the beach, or just anytime really! I keep finding the pairs that are gathered at the bottom and they just look like crap on me! These pants will be great for pregnancy too I'm sure!

  6. My office is the same way. Sometimes I wear heels anyway, and then I regret it when I want to play ping-pong! But otherwise I feel like my heels get neglected! I'm sure you appreciate it now that you're re-working your style (somewhat.) Would love to get my hands on some palazzo pants, they just look like the most comfy thing ever.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. Just bought a friend a pair of these palazzo pants for her birthday, as a fun trend to try. She loves them!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya