June 21, 2012

My Shabby Chic Room

A few months ago, my best friend, Adele, and I moved in together into a cute little townhouse.  Slowly but surely my shabby chic bedroom is finally coming together.  I didn't want to buy stuff for my room right away because I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best deal on the things I knew I really wanted.  Thanks to Pinterest I was able to update some of the furniture I already owned.  And, not only do I like to dress myself in Goodwill clothing, I've dressed my room in it too.
This is the white dresser I had in my room growing up. All we (my wonderful mother and I) did was add an antique glaze to it.  The curtains are from the Goodwill in Walker, La. Only $7.99!
I got the first (left to right) picture frame at the Goodwill in Hammond for just $1.99. The third picture frame was on clearance at Big Lots for $5.
I can't say I technically made this necklace holder because I didn't drill the holes in the wood. Thanks to Kevin (my lovely stepdaddy), I just told him where to put everything, and he did the hard work. I found the idea off of Pinterest. I bought door handles at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, so like $2 each. The picture above it (which is my favorite Cinderella saying) was also 50% off so I got it for 5 bucks!
I call this my cloud bed because it is all white and fluffy! I got my headboard at the Goodwill on Coursey in Baton Rouge for just $15. It was such a steal and it came with the exact look I wanted! My mom found the window for just $5 from someone on Craig's List.
Please excuse the fact that I don't have a picture in this frame yet, but I got it at the Goodwill for $0.99! The little owl, which I use to hold my chapstick, also came from the Goodwill for $0.99. This lamp is on it's third look. It was first in my sister's room years ago, and then in my dorm room, and now I have transformed the look of it for the third time. I spray painted the bottom goldish brown, and I hot glued coffee filters on the lamp shade. I absolutely love it! The night stand was given to me for free from a cousin. I painted it teal and added an antique glaze to it.
This is my other dresser that I grew up with. It was white and had a mirror connected to it. We sanded it, painted it teal, and added an antique glaze to it. We also disconnected the mirror. This mirror is another one of my mom's Craig's List finds. Got it for $45.
I got this green dish to hold my bracelets for $10 at an antique shop in Sorrento, La. The smaller dish I got for $0.99 at a thrift store in Gonzales,  La. My mom got me the cat ring holder at the Goodwill.
I made this headband holder out of an oatmeal container. I covered it with a piece of scrapbook paper with mod podge. The little ballerina piggy bank was a gift from my paran when I was a baby. I spray painted this frame gold. It was light teal to match my dorm room.
This is hanging on the outside of my door. I covered this wooden letter from Hobby Lobby with twine and hung it with burlap. The flower is made from a few cupcake liners.

My room still isn't quite done, but I am happy with how it looks so far! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my shabby chic styled room!