June 19, 2012

Past Goodwill Finds

I plan on posting my weekly Goodwill finds and some outfits I put together to show you how you can shop at the Goodwill and still look fashionable. This is just a preview of my past Goodwill finds to show you what's in store for this blog!

Reversible vest: $3.49
Guess white shorts: $3.49
Necklace: $0.99

Forever xxi top (still had the tag on it): $3.49
Limited Jeans: $4.99
Designer Dress (still had tag): $4.99
Awesome fringe heels! $3.49
BCBG Dress: $4.999
My sister's dress (peach): $4.99
My sister's necklace: $0.99

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