June 23, 2012

Momma Goodwillista

My mom is the one who taught all I know about bargain shopping. She's actually got the Goodwill addiction bug even worse than I do. She's spent up to $100 in one trip to the Goodwill before! Here she is, Momma Goodwillista herself:
I found her this dress at the Goodwill in Hammond for $4.99. It's super cute and even has some embellishments on it.
The wedges we found together at the Walker Goodwill. They were $3.49 and they're B.O.C. a pretty expensive brand.


  1. I added a follow button under my about me :)

  2. I got my thriftiness from my Mom (and Grandma) too! It's a great life skill! Thanks for following my blog- followed you back!

    Lindsey Turner