July 5, 2012

All American 4th of July

For the 4th of July, I went to Pearl, MS to watch my cousin Ben (who used to play for the Milwaukee Brewers) play a comeback game with the Mississippi Braves. He hadn't played ball in 2 years because of a shoulder injury, so it was exciting for a lot of my family to watch him pitch. His team unfortunately didn't win, but I thought he did well for not pitching for that long. I went all American and had a delicious ballpark chili cheese hot dog and french fries while at the game. I had a great time with family and got to end the night with some beautiful fireworks.

The funny part about the day: So, when you have a thrifting addiction like my mom and I, going to a new city means a new Goodwill! Too bad, we drive up to the Goodwill that just so happens to be a mile away from the stadium, and it's CLOSED. It's the 4th of July, DUH it's closed. We should have been smarter and known. Though, on our 2 hour long ride home, I was search instagram, and it turns out other Goodwills were open today and had 50% the entire store! How unfair!

So here's my bargainista outfit that I put together the night before:
Top: TJ Maxx (on clearance) $10.00
Guess Shorts: Goodwill $3.49
Sandals: American Eagle (on clearance) $10.00
Headband: Walmart $3.88
Total Outfit Cost: $27.37

Hope everyone's holiday was great! I know mine was! :)

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