July 19, 2012

Blue Jean Baby #2

Blue Jean Dress: Goodwill $3.49
Wedges: America's Thrift Store (Mobile, AL) $2.40
Belt: Goodwill $0.99
Bracelet: $5.00
Total Outfit Cost: $11.88

A while back I found the outfit below on Pinterest, and knew I HAD to have a blue jean button up shirt! So, what better place to find one than the Goodwill? I had been looking through the button up shirts for a couple of weeks for one, and finally came across this dress. At first I thought it was gonna look tacky or not fit right, but after trying it on, it was the perfect fit! These wedges were also an awesome find in Mobile on our trip home from watching Ben play for the Atlanta Braves. I'm still in awe that they were only $2.40!

Gotta find a top like this at the goodwill!

Has anyone felt thrifty lately? Tell me about your Goodwill finds!


  1. I love my thrifted denim button up! Definitely the most versatile item in my closet. Those wedges are adorable-what a steal for $2.40!!

  2. very cute dress! I love denim shirts!

    Lindsey Turner

  3. I have been obsessing over denim lately!! This is adorable!


  4. Love this outfit! ;) Such a cute dress!

  5. Love this dress. I love denim...but would want something a little longer as this would probably barely cover my but as I'm almost 6' tall! LOL

    @ http://www.LiveLikeNoOneElse.com

  6. unluckily, there's no Goodwill here in Philippines, but there are tons of Thrift shops that offers a OOAK thrift finds. =)

  7. What an awesome find! You look great!