March 27, 2013

5D5W: Rhinestone Necklace

(I found a sixth one after making the collage- here)

Linking up with Fran and Whitney for 5 days 5 ways again, and today is accessories!

I saw this necklace on Shana from Colorblind a few months ago, and I HAD to have it!  She wore it so great with so many different outfits!  Since I had such luck with finding my bubble necklace on eBay, I figured I should look there.  I had no idea what to call this necklace to search for it, but some how after a few days of searching, I found it!  I don't remember what it was called though!  This necklace is easily the most versatile statement necklace I own.

March 26, 2013

5D5W: Mint Jeans

Gingham Shirt: Target $23
Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Birthday Gift
Necklace: eBay $8.99
Belt: Forever 21 $7
Charlotte Russe Flats: Goodwill $3.49
Total Outfit Cost: $42.48

 Today I'm linking up with Fran for her Five Days Five Ways Challenge!  Looking through my archives I realized that I'm not doing a very good job of remixing my closet. I tend to not wear items that many times.  I need to work on this!! 

I'm featuring only 4 ways I have worn my mint jeans, but I do promise you I have worn them way more than 4 times, I just didn't get pictures! I'll definitely be featuring them more, so eventually I'll have 5 ways, but for now, here are 4:

March 23, 2013


Dress: Kohl's $4
Belt: Goodwill $0.99
Tights: Target (clearance) $3
Heels: Shoe Station (clearance) $10
Sweater: Forever 21 (clearance) $7
Total Outfit Cost: $24.99

I know, I know, you're not supposed to take pictures in the direct sunlight... But the sun was EVERYWHERE this day. As you can see, I tried hiding from the sun (and the wind) in another part of the yard, and no. It just wasn't happnin for this gurrl. ...oh hey awkward ghetto self coming in. These pictures are terrible, but here they are anyways. Anyone else find yo'self strugglin' when taking blog pics? I know I do alllllll the time, and this is just a prime example.

Also... I think I may make another vlog post juuuust for y'all, my lovely readers :)
If you could ask me anything, what would it be?
I shall answer in an upcoming vlog...

March 22, 2013

vlog talk

Chambray: Forever 21 $20
Pants: TJ Maxx $20
Flats: Forever 21 $18
Belt: Old
Vintage Necklace: Garage Sale $1
Total Outfit Cost: $59.00

Earlier this week, Kristina tagged me in some vlog questionaire stuffes. She made her very first vlog, and so did Jenna. Well well well... I am not going to answer the questions and make my first vlog because um well.. I've already made a vlog before. You see, when my friend Cody (I call him Codison, long story) and I got accepted into the Disney College Program, we started a vlog. It's what all the cool kids did, so we wanted to join in all the fun! We only made 5 episodes before we actually started working at Disney because once we got there, there was just no time for vlog non-sense. 
We're mainly just really silly in them, so here is the first one for your viewing pleasure!

Episode 3 is my absolute favorite though, if you watch anything, make sure you watch the last minute and a half of it. I cry laughing every time :P

OH! I. am. SO. sorry.  I just realized that all this time I had horrific comment word verification on! Thank you all for bearing with me all this time and still leaving all of your sweet words!

March 21, 2013

leopard flats go with everything

Chambray Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Cardigan: Goodwill $3.49
Jeans: Charlotte Russe gifted
Flats: Forever 21 $18
Belt: Goodwill $0.99
Total Outfit Cost: $25.97

Since it's been warmer around here, I've found myself wearing my leopard flats with almost everything! They always just seem to match! Flats are a good transition from winter to spring. My little toesies aren't ready to be bare just yet! Plus, I really need a good pedicure before I put a pair of sandals on!

March 20, 2013

two weeks

Blouse: Goodwill $3.49
Sweater: Gifted
Forever 21 Pants: Goodwill $3.49
Heels: Charlotte Russe (clearance) $12.00
Necklace: eBay $8.99
Total Outfit Cost: $27.97

Oh hey, here I am! It's been almost 2 weeks since I've written a blog post, and man do I miss it! The last 2 weeks have seriously been crazy for me. School has been just over whelming, and on top of that I have a wedding to plan, a job to find, and to move out of my apartment. Yeah, wouldn't you like to be in my shoes? Okay okay so it's really not that bad, I'm just trying to justify to you my lack of blog posts! By the way, this picture is from two weeks ago, and so are the ones I'll be posting in the next two days...
I'm hoping to start posting regular again next week. And when school calms down, I'd like to do a little sprucing up to the page, anyone want to help me in that? I'd love to pay someone to do it for me, but for one, that would kind of go against the point of my blog. I mean I'd probably pay for it if it cost less than $10.. actually under $5 would be even better.

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March 8, 2013

love lace

Lace Dress: Forever 21 Momma bought it for me :)
Belt: Cotton On $3.50
Booties: Shoe Station (clearance) $15
Scarf: Cotton On Gifted
Bracelets: Goodwill & Gifted
Total Outfit Cost: $18.50

This is the same dress I wore for my engagement photos (shown here), and I absolutely love it! This is how I wore it to church on Sunday.  A little white lace dress is so versatile, so if you find you one, get it!  I plan on wearing it casual in the spring with some sandals and a jean jacket, and then I'll probably end up wearing this for my bridal shower too maybe with some nice wedges.

Spency just wasn't feelin' outfit pictures and turned his head. Santa brought him his camo skinny sweater. Instead of skinny jeans, he wears skinny sweaters... what a hipster. But really he's just so chunky that he looks like a sausage in it. Wouldn't it be so cool if I could find him or Dutchess something at a thrift store? I'd totally him them their own outfit post.

Happy Friday, friends!
I am off to Larry's hometown where we will be searching for our home together! (eeeek can't wait!)

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March 6, 2013

Wear to Work Wednesday: Michael Kors dress

(see here the last time I wore this dress)

Michael Kors Dress: Goodwill $4.99
Belt: Garage Sale $1
Booties: Shoe Station (clearance) $15
Total Outfit Cost: $20.99

Soooo guess what Larry and I are doing Saturday... house hunting!!  We found a few in our price range and in the area we are looking for, so we are going tour those houses with a real estate agent. None of the houses seem like the perfect house by looking at the pictures online, but ya never know! And this is just the start! I'm hoping we drive around and find a few more to check out that weren't online.  
Any tips for finding the perfect home for us? 


March 4, 2013

school sucks

Jean Jacket: Old Navy, gifted
Top: Forever 21 $7
Skirt: TJ Maxx $10
Scarf: eBay $15
Charlotte Russe Flats: Goodwill $3.49
Total Outfit Cost: $35.49

Don't let that cheesey smile up there fool you, I am not a happy camper today! This picture was taken last week, and if I would've taken a picture of my outfit today, I would not be smiling. School sucks, for realz. I've spent my entire day working on a project that I have still not finished. What's dumb is that the presentation for this project is Thursday, but he wants us to email him the project 24 hours prior to the presentation. So really, this stupid project is due Wednesday at 12:30. And tomorrow I have school all day and work in the evening. I'm sure I'll end up staying up super late tomorrow night to finish it. Ugh.
Rant over.

So how was your Monday? Hopefully better than mine!
Okay, so the fiance did take me out for some yummy Tai food, so I guess today wasn't SO bad

March 3, 2013

engagements part II & a big thank you

Can I just say that I have the best blogger friends? Y'all are awesome. Last Saturday I asked for advice on some boots, and y'all gave it! I've been so overwhelmed with happiness from all of your lovely comments lately. I'm so glad that I can inspire others to thrift and bargain shop. With school, work and planning a wedding, I know I could not keep this blog up without all of your support. Thank y'all!

[beeteedubs: I didn't get the boots even though I could afford them because I know that I need new sandals and would rather wait and spend the $100 on boots closer to fall]

And finally, here are some more of my engagement photos :)

((wow what an amazing handsome Godly man I have in my life, I sure am blessed))