February 24, 2014

maroon + teal

IMG_9222, maroon pants
Shirt: Old Navy (clearance + partially gift carded) $3
Jeggings: Walmart $12
Heels: TJ Maxx (clearance) $10
Necklace: JCP (clearance) $2
Total Outfit Cost: $27
When I find a color combination that I like, I tend to start repeating it. It's like a whole new light to my closet. I paired deep red and teal together here, and honestly I only put those colors together because 1. I really wanted to wear those heels and 2. because I wanted to tie my scarf like that. I put both the scarf and heels on together that morning to see which one won my heart, but I ended up not minding them together! At first I was a little skeptical and thought to myself, "does this match??" Then as the day went by I realized I really liked the colors together, hence why I paired them together again here.


  1. obsessedddddd with those heels. also way to match your lipstick to your pants. you rule.

    xo nicole

  2. So so cute! :) Those shoes!! I would wear those in every color... -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. LOVE those shoes, and the color combo!

  4. Red and teal?? I'll have to try that! Those shoes are insanely pretty and look pretty easy to walk in too which is great. Lovely outfit girl!

  5. Oh my perfect! Love this look!!

  6. So, I wore a skirt in the same color as your pants today. I was THIS close to wearing flats in the same color as your wedges. So weird. I opted for black flats though because...well, I don't know why? Also, your hair looks perfect.

  7. Beautiful combination. It would never occur to me to mix these two colors.

  8. What a pretty color combination! Those heels are so cute.

  9. I have shoes in the same color as yours, but I love yours soo much more-- that strap is fantastic. I really like how these colors all work together!

  10. I love this color combo! I totally know the feeling of putting something together and then wondering for the rest of the day if it works or not. Great shoes too! Also I have to tell you- I went to Goodwill again, finally! Found two great skirts, I am so excited!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA