February 26, 2014

my new favorite outfit

Jacket: Target, gift carded
Shirt: Old Navy (clearance + partially gift carded) $3
Jeans: so old
LC Booties: gifted
Scarf: ebay $15
Total Outfit Cost: $18

So I have 2 meanings to the post title today. First, this is definitely my new favorite outfit! This is the first time I wore this jacket outside of work, and I fell in love with it even more.  I actually wore this outfit for the first time three weeks ago, and then this picture is from when I re-wore it last Friday. Yepp that's how much I love this outfit. I wore it twice! Something I never do! Anyways, that brings me to my second meaning behind the post title. Ginny over at My New Favorite Outfit wore an almost identical outfit to this recently. I guess great minds think dress alike!

ps. yes, yes I did wear this top 3 times within one week...


  1. In love with this look just perfect.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, you look adorable. I really need to wear this again before it gets too warm!

  3. i love this outfit. i love these photos. but most of all i LOVE your new header. it looks SO good.

    xo nicole

  4. this whole outfit is only $18?! i bow down to you. and i LOVE that jacket- it's so tailored and chic. and the scarf definitely added some pizzazz to the outfit :)

    xo marlen
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  5. Very cute, I have the same scarf given to me from a thrifty friend : )

  6. Great jacket! I bought the similar moto style one with the blue in the tweed and I love it too. Though my mom had to alter it to fit correctly. I love when granny jackets meet leather, tough guy ones. Perfection! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. What a great jacket! You both wore this outfit perfectly!

  8. No wonder it's your new favorite outfit! That jacket looks so GREAT on you! I've seen a few others wear it and I may just need to head to my local Target to try it on. I looks business-y but still a piece you could wear casually too. So so cute Danielle!

  9. That jacket.... Drooling over here! Such a great look!!

  10. Yes, I love the jacket, and I agree with everyone on here. However, can I take a moment to talk about how hot those jeans look on you? Hot. And I love those booties. And that shirt looks comfortable. And I like that leopard scarf better than mine. And I totally started all of those sentences with and just to make you smile :)

  11. I looooove this look! All perfect, Danielle!


  12. yes, I love this outfit too! I totally wear things multiple times to multiple places when I really like them :) that is such a great jacket. and for being super old jeans, I think they look great!! your blog is looking nice too!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA