February 7, 2014

style swap

IMG_9121, goodwill blazer, thrifted blazer, charlotte russe heels, cap toe heels
IMG_9123, goodwill blazer, thrifted blazer, charlotte russe heels, cap toe heels
Body by Victoria: Goodwill $5
Blouse: Marshall's $8
Pants: Old Navy $26
Heels: Charlotte Russe (clearance) $12
Total Outfit Cost: $51
Danielle (blogs at A Little Bit of WoWe) and I were chatting last week, and we came up with great idea. We realized that as bloggers who post outfit pictures, we pretty much know what each other (and other bloggers) has in our closets. So, we decided to come up with an outfit for each other! I love this outfit that she picked out for me. Something about it is just so simple and chic. Plus, I'm getting to wear this blazer (that I never wear) again. You can see the outfit I picked out for Danielle here. Doesn't she look like teacher Barbie? I definitely need to find me a nice pair of wide leg jeans too. 
Also, I got my hairs did this past weekend. I was tired of the white blonde, and I wanted it to be more of a sandy blonde. I don't know what color this is. I'm still unsure about it and already missing my light blonde! I think I may get my stylist to put some more light blonde in it. 
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  1. I knew there was something different about you but I couldn't tell what it was! I kind of like the darker blonde. I'd keep it at least for a few weeks to see if you like it then or not.
    Danielle chose a great outfit for you! That blouse is SO pretty and those pants look so flattering on you. Are they jeans or skinny ankle pants?

  2. loooove this outfit! those shoes totally make it, too. never has a pair of capped-toe heels been worn smarter. you know i'm a sucker for color blocking, and i really like it's it's a neutral blocking with a perfect pop of color. obsessed with that top!

    it's crazy how different the darker blonde looks on you!

    xo nicole

  3. Great top and shoes!! Love this look. Thanks for linking-up with Ginny & I!!

  4. Your hair looks great! Danielle picked out a great outfit. I love the top and shoes especially!

  5. This is such a fun idea you and Danielle had, love this outfit and your hair looks great. Thanks for linking up and I can't wait to see your style swap next week.

  6. Such a cute idea! I love both of the outfits you picked for each other! I especially love your heels - they are so perfect. Must find some haha


  7. Girrrrrrl, you look FIERCE. I'm so glad this blazer has earned a spot in your closet because it's perfect on you.

  8. Such a great outfit! I love your top.. that color is super lovely on you! Way to go other Danielle ;) Plus those shoes are darling. Seriously, amazing look. :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I love this outfit!! That blazer is amazing! Can I have this outfit in my closet? hah! :)

  10. This outfit is great - I just pinned it and will definitely be trying to recreate it! I am a regular visitor and also a fan of doing the most I can with finds from the local thrift shops. If you're interested, I host a Fashionably Employed Link Up that goes live each Monday and I think this would make a great addition to the color. Thanks for sharing!


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    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. This is a great idea! Getting a fresh pair of eyes to look at your closet always helps. I love that beautiful blouse! Happy Monday to you, Danielle!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA