October 27, 2014

a typical fall outfit

Tommy Girl Shirt: Instagram shop $15 [similar]
LC Jeans: Kohl's gift carded [similar]
Booties: Just Fab $20 [similar<-- loveee these]
Total Outfit Cost: $35

I am writing this on Sunday night, and man oh man I am not ready to go to work tomorrow morning! I had a nice little 5 day weekend due to Larry's surgery (you can read about it here) on Wednesday. I've been taking care of him (aka getting him anything he wants/needs lol... I don't mind ;), being extra lazy, and I cleaned house a little. Though I gotta say, I probably couldn't go too many more days like that.  I like being lazy for a few days just as much as the next girl, but I am def a busy body. I like to be busy and not bored. And I'm sure once I ran out of stuff to watch on TV (but let's be honest, with Netflix will that ever happen? probably not) I'd be stir crazy. It was nice while it lasted! Time to get back to work though! Booooo. 


  1. I like the outfit, simple and sweet. :) I read the other posts about his surgery. Wow, so brave of you both to share this with the world (in a good way!). I partially just mean that in the sense that it is hard to be that vulnerable and real as a blogger (even when we want to be), I think it is really awesome that you are able to share this big part of your life with everyone! I hope that everything works out for you in all the the different steps. I am looking forward to following along via email. :) XO -Alexandra

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  2. Have you tried the app Vinted? I know you insta shop, so it might be worthwhile to look at!

  3. I hope Larry is recovering well and did fine while you were at work today. I do enjoy a good lazy time at home. I'm such a home body though, I could chilll at home for probably a unacceptable length of time. You are too cute here! Your jeans and booties are perfect together too. I can't get mine rolled anywhere near this good.

  4. ha, I rarely ever experience boredom any more, so I love it when I am bored. My husband on the other hand: hates being bored. It's pretty much the worst thing ever for him. people are funny.