October 28, 2014

high school colors

Shirt: Old Navy c/o Chippmunk
Scarf: Ebay $4
LC Jeans: Kohls gift carded
Booties: Plato's Closet $12
Total Outfit Cost: $16

My high school colors were black and gold.. but the gold was always more like a mustard yellow or bumble bee yellow. So as soon as I put on this outfit I felt like I was sporting my school colors! Our high school rival's colors were royal blue and gold (the same gold as us lol), and I still can't seem to wear those colors together! My little brother is now going to said rival school, and if he makes the baseball team, it's going to be hard enough to sit on their side of the stands much less wear their colors! How will I ever! 


  1. lucky you for having fun high school colors. mine were officially brown and white (with orange as an honorary third) and I was always thought any other color combination was better.

  2. My high school had the same colors!
    My college's rival has baby blue as its color, so I still refuse to wear it :)

  3. Ooh, I really like the black and gold together! My high school's colors were orange and black, and we called ourselves the Halloween Machine sometimes, hahaha. The high school I work at has cobalt blue + black + silver/gray as its colors, which I LOVE!!

  4. Haha - It's so weird how school colors stick with you. I always think of what team/school I'm supporting while wearing certain colors together. Black and gold are all of the Pittsburgh sports teams colors though, so this outfit is one I'd certainly wear to look nice at a game or house party.


  5. My high school colors were black and silver. I like yours so much more!

  6. This is so prefectly styled, you look great!

  7. I promise you I've been reading all your posts and LOVING them! Just haven't been around blogging a whole lot. I always love this top on you- it's a good one! I used to find myself wearing school colors TO school (in both high school and college.) Always made me feel like a crazy cheerleader or something! Ha!

    ♥ perfectly Priya