October 13, 2014

utility vest + polka dots

Vest: JCP (super clearance) $4 [here]
 Blouse: Delia's (super clearnace) $2.50
Jeans: Old Navy gift carded [here]
Flats: Payless Shoe Source $20
Necklace: giveaway [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $24.50

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I sure did! Saturday I planned on going to a few garage sales, but I work up and just wasn't feeling it. Instead I cleaned the house from top to bottom! Call me crazy but I seriously love spending Saturdays cleaning my house. It just makes the rest of the week so much more relaxing, and not to mention a clean house = a happy home. Sunday Larry and I had brunch with his parents and then we went to church. After that it was a just plain lazy Sunday, just the way I like it.

I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago, and it's another one of my faking fall outfits. It may look like I'm layered up in this vest, but really the button up I have on underneath it is super thin. Every time I wear this vest I unintentionally style it with more girly pieces- today polka dots & a statement necklace. This vest isn't necessarily what I'd consider masculine, but I do think adding the feminine pieces make it more "me." I always love how Ginny styles hers. I swear she's the vest styling queen! We're supposed to have a cold front come through tonight yay! Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to fake fall :) 


  1. Love this outfit on you, and love these jeans on you. I must've tried on 30 pairs of jeans today, but I walked home empty handed. But can we talk about the Hunters you found at Goodwill? So awesome. So lucky.

  2. I like pairing more feminine pieces with my army green vest and jacket too. Just makes them look sweeter in my book. Love this whole look and cannot believe you scored Hunters at Goodwill. You might be TOO good at thrifting haha


  3. This is such a cute look! I need to start wearing my vest again more, and stop neglecting my polka dot button-down!

  4. This is a great outfit and thanks for the shout out too, that was really sweet :)

  5. I really love that green vest! So super cute!

  6. I love this outfit on you, especially the polka dot top and the vest.

  7. I recently found a utility vest on clearance at TJmaxx. $15 was pretty good! I love it so far, I think it is so versatile. It is so cute on you with the polka dots! :) XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. I love that vest and need one ASAP! I'll have to check out my JCP to see if they have any. I LOVE cleaning the house on the weekend...makes me feel so good :)

  9. I have that vest! I got it on massive sale at JCP and it has been such a great wardrobe piece!

  10. I firmly believe that a utility vest like this is such a fantastic piece to wear all year round! I love how it looks over bright and flowy sundresses, with long-sleeved shirts, over sweaters, over button-ups, etc!!

  11. Faking fall is such a good way to put it. It's just now finally getting cool during the evenings here where shorts aren't very practical. Light layers like with your vest is the way to go. Plus I'm sure it's pretty cool in your office right?