August 26, 2012

DIY Spruce Up Your Shelf

When I moved into my apartment, I needed something small and cheap to hold my TV. I got this plain white shelf at Walmart for $15.00. It was kinda boring I have to admit. So I found a pin on pinterest showing you how to apply wallpaper to a shelf to spruce it up. My roommate and I have the same shelves, so we were brainstorming on what we could use instead of wallpaper. We looked at Hobby Lobby, and were going to use scrapbook paper, but we just couldn't find any that we loved (plus we were very indecisive that day). We also thought about fabric, but again feeling indecisive.  Adele came across some shelf adhesive liner at TJ Maxx (our favoriteeee store to shop at together) for $5.99 and that's what we ended up using! 

I love love love the little bit of color it adds to that side of my room! 


  1. It looks great! I love the choice of the wallpaper you used for the back of the shelf. :) Gotta love DIYs! :)

  2. Very cool idea! It looks fantastic! xx

  3. So pretty! How fun to have a crafty roommate :)