August 15, 2012

World's Longest Yard Sale! & little thrift store

So, if you've been reading my blog, you know that I got a chance to shop the world's longest yard sale while on my way home from vacation! Though I only got 2 finds, those 2 finds were amazing and totally worth it! Here they are!
BEAUTIFUL vintage pearl necklace (shown in previous post) only $1

Another awesome necklace for only $1!

some of our yard sale stops

Okayyy, so maybe I found 3 things, this homemade ice-cream was cherry coconut perfection.

This is the thrift store that we went to. We also made it to the local Goodwill in Chattanooga. We were really confused because we found absolutely nothing, but everyone in line seemed to have a handful of stuff. It's usually the other way around haha.

I found this plastic wooden frame for only $0.99. I plan to paint some chalkboard paint onto to it to make it a chalkboard for my living room. I'll have another post about that when I eventually do it!

I also got this necklace for $0.49!!
Here's how I wore it to work yesterday:


  1. I've actually never really been to a yard sale... I just get really awkward when the owners of the items are standing right there. I always want my Mum/sister/friend's opinion on it and we can't exactly be candid in that situation! hehe!

    But those necklaces are adorable!

    I'm really interested to see the chalk board done up. and wow, does your job look cool!

  2. hello Danielle, I love your thrift-ed treasures.. It makes me happy to find thrift-ed treasures too...♥