August 21, 2012

No Norts

While most girls like to wear norts (also known as Nike shorts) to class such as these:

I prefer to dress up a little more because I don't like all my clothes in my closet to go to waste, and because I  enjoy dressing up! I love clothes! Why not wear them? The only time you'll see me in Norts is when I'm working out, lounging around the house, or maybe if I'm going to be in a car for a long time (and not taking pictures ;)

Fedora: Maurice's $12.00
Shirt: TJ Maxx $3.00 (Even cheaper than Goodwill!)
Guess Shorts: Goodwill $3.49
Sandals: Payless $12.00 (I think)
Necklace: Goodwill $0.99
Total Outfit Cost: $31.48

Here's another outfit I wore to class, I didn't think it was significfant enough to have its own blog post, plus the quality is bad.
J. Crew Top: Goodwill $3.49
Khaki Shorts: Salvation Army $2.00

So, what do YOU wear to class?

Ps. I'm in the process of changing up the look of my blog.


  1. you look cute in shorts dear..♥ thanks for following me back!

  2. Wow, people seriously wear those shorts to school? I actually feel a little undressed sometimes at my school. Sure, there are definitely some girls in sweatpants but there are a ton of girls who go all out... Sky high heels, leather jackets, tons of bling, etc... It's mostly the international students but since my school is like 50% international, that is a lot!

    Love the top in the second pic.