August 17, 2012

So ya had a bad day?

I would consider today a kinda bad day. I'm not going to give you my sob story, but instead tell you what I did to cheer myself up. If you guessed go to the Goodwill then ding ding ding you are the winner! Okay so you don't win anything but you do get to see my buggy full of stuff.

Note: I did not buy all of this. This is my buggy before I made it to the dressing room.
So does anyone else go for a thrifting high when you're feeling down?


  1. I did.... yesterday... haha I felt better after!!

  2. I definitely do that! A few months ago I explained to my husband that I bought a bagful of stuff at Goodwill that wasn't in the budget because I had a stressful day. We decided that's okay occasionally, but not every time I have a stressful day. lol.