January 29, 2013

My Neglected Polka Dot Pants

Jean Jacket: Old Navy Gifted
Chambray Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Pants: TJ Maxx $20.00
Flats: Goodwill $3.49
Total Outfit Cost: $26.98

Somehow my maroon polka dot pants have not made it to my blog yet, and I feel like I have neglected them!   I've had them since October, and have worn them plenty of times but I guess I never got a picture in them.  When I first bought them, I felt like they may have been an impulse buy.  I couldn't figure out what what go with them other than a white shirt, but then I experimented with different things in my closet, and they have become one of my favorite pairs of pants.  Even though I didn't think these pants through when I bought them, they apply to my $20 Rule because I ended up being able to create a lot of outfits with them!

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  1. I hope you feature these pants more! I scooped up a pair of red polka dot jeans because they were only $14 and have been struggling ever since with what I can wear with them. Your burgundy ones are gorgeous and I love how great this casual outfit is with the denim jacket over the chambray shirt.

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns

  2. i love your $20 rule! i definitely try to hold myself to that, but i think the dollar amount differs in different stores and whether or not something is on sale. it has ensured that i buy pieces i love and get a lot of wear out of instead of sitting in the back of my closet, forever unworn.
    i LOVE your spotted pants. i have a pair i've been waiting to photograph until i'm somewhere with a cool background because the deserve it. maroon is such a good color on you!

  3. Very cute, love the pants on you and they're really cute with the jean jacket and chambray :)

  4. You inspired me to wear my polka dot pants today! Love the color of yours!

  5. those pants are SO cute- definitely worth the $20

  6. I LOVE these!! I kinda want to DIY a pair for myself... hmm....


  7. Love those pants! Super cute!

  8. hey there- thanks for visiting and following-i am returning the love :) so smart that you have a $20 rule. i always think i will not buy when i walk in a store or i give myself a magic number- i usually fail! haha.
    have a great day danielle!

  9. Love those polka dot pants! I can't believe your entire outfit was under 30 bucks! You always find the best deals and look so darn cute! Thank you co much for stopping by and linking up with Diaries of A Bargainista!