January 17, 2013

Thursday Thrift Tip: Try On EVERYTHING

Today's thrift tip is to try on absolutely everything that you stick in your buggy! This tip kind of goes along with the last one (size doesn't matter) because when thrifting you're not going to worry about the size, so of course you need to try it on to make sure it fits. Here are some pictures of my sister, Alyssa, and I's trip to the Goodwill and some of the things we tried on!
Our buggy was full!
Dresses that we both bought... her's is super cute with her camel colored boots!
This dress was pretty.. just too girly girly for me I think.
She thought this shirt was a little too tight.
Ah! LOVE this little vintage dress! But it was too short :(
Flats that sista got.
Love this Banana Republic pencil skirt that I got, but the pocket on the pink tee was just in an awkward spot!
Blurry and ugly picture, but this is our sad faces because these clothes were too small for us. 
This is also a good example of today's tip because this fitted tee I have on is a J. Crew size small and was too tight on the boob area, but I have a J. Crew tank that's an extra small that I got at the Goodwill a while back, and it's too big! 
This shress (too long to be a shirt, too short to be a dress=shress) was cute on her, but she didn't get it.
This skirt was soooo cute, but it did this whole weird bubble thing as you can see. Sista ended up getting the Lauren Conrad sweater thing I have on here though. 

So I hope that you make it to a thrift store soon and try on a buggy full of clothes like we did! Even if you only end up with a few items, it's a ton of fun, I promise! 
What are some of your favorite finds of ours?



  1. I agree with trying things on, you never know if you've found a gem until its on you. You found some great stuff!

  2. That vintage dress is so gorgeous!!!! Too bad it's not like 3 inches longer! Ahh! I love trying on a buggy full of clothes :)

    1. I know I'm so regretting it! I wish I could shrink a few inches!

  3. Wow, impressive finds! Loved the peach dress that was too girly for you.


    1. I loved it too, but I just couldn't think of anywhere I'd wear it to other than church on Easter.. And I know by then I'd find an even better Easter dress ;)

  4. Wish my thrift store had a dressing room. I have learned to wear a "thrift store outfit" which consists of camis and legging or long skirts to try stuff on over my clothes :)

  5. What great finds! And such a great tip. I'm always tempted to just take everything home and figure out what I want to keep or not there, but you're right, not all of the sizes are correct and that's kind of a waste of money if I keep bringing items back to the Goodwill lol


  6. Cutest post ever. You always look like you're having a great time. And yes, I always try on everything when I'm at the Goodie. It's a MUST.


  7. wow, these are some really nice finds :-) You're making me want to go NOW!! lol
    Great blog!

  8. Looks like you guys had fun..I think that vintage dress looked fab on you! can't believe it was too short! I love the bright color one that you have on as well.

  9. you girls are so cute! I need to go to the thrift store more often! you found some great things!

  10. Hi,

    I found your blog by accident. I love it! I enjoy going to goodwill and I definitely agree with trying on EVERYTHING:) So, your blog inspired me to try goodwill again after not shopping there in months;p I found a dress and boots that I loved! Both were in great shape and I'm hoping to post about it on my blog soon:) You girls definitely know what to look for and you look great in what you pick! I know shopping with sisters is one of the best things to do:) Thanks for your inspiration!

  11. Cute photoes and nice outfits!

    WOuld you like to follow each other?

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  12. I love that last sweater your sister ended up getting and its too bad that vintage dress was too short cuz it sure is pretty on you! I love going on thrifting trips :)

  13. That colorblock dress in the first photo is such a good find :-) I'm a HUGE thrifter too, love it! Also had to say that pink girly dress? I totally had that in purple and wore it to a fancy school party a few years ago...hehe.

  14. i have been reading all of your thirft tips and i have to say they are sooooo amazinly helpful. today i am going thrifting for the first time ever and im so excited to use these tips today. :) I followed your blog via GFC because you have the best stuff to read about. :) Heres my blog if you would like to check it out :) Thanks.