May 29, 2013

a lakeside date & copycatting

Shirt: Forever 21 $17 | Shorts & Belt: Forever 21 $13 | Sandals: Ross $17
Total Outfit Cost: $47

A few weeks ago my friend Kaylee and I went shopping together.  We both ended up getting the shirt and shorts I'm wearing above. Well last night Kaylee and her boyfriend came to see me in LC and we went to the casino out here. This morning they were going to the beach about 2 hours away from my house for her birthday. So what was she wearing this morning? What you see above. I figured, why think about what to wear today, I'm just going to wear what she had on! Not like we'd see each other for the rest of the day! 
Larry and I had a picnic by the lake today! The weather was perfect for it too.. warm and just a little breezey. I can't wait to do this more often because my new job is in the building across from his.. which are both across from the lake :)

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  1. this is so cute! I LOVE those sandals - they are like the perfect pair of summer shoes. Did the belt come with the shorts? want.

  2. I love your sunnies! They're so Audrey (One of the best compliments a girl can give)


  3. Super cute! I saw some of this on Instagram!!!

  4. LOVE the sandals and belt! Your hair looks totes adorable like that, too! And by the by, I did some research and added the Google just for you ;)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  5. ok you two are so cute! I LOVE your outfit!

  6. love the black and white ensemble!!! :D so chic! :D

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