June 3, 2013

my first day

first day
first day2
first day3
Cynthia Rowley Blouse: TJ Maxx (clearance) $12 | Pants: Goodwill $3.49 | Pearls: Garage Sale $1 | BCBG Flats: Marshall's (clearance) $25
Total Outfit Cost: $41.49

Today was my first day at my new big girl job. Though I am still refusing to believe that I'll ever actually grow up. I really enjoyed my new coworkers. It's really a family oriented environment, which I'm really excited for. My boss even took me to lunch today to get to know me. I'll pretty much be staring at a computer screen reading for two weeks for training. Then I get to go to Cleveland for 2 whole weeks for training! Eeeeek. I'm nervous.

How about these flats? Aren't they the CUTEST. I went into the Jcrew factory store a couple months ago and fell in love with some really similar nude bow flats, but for that price tag.. no way, jose. This girl is cheap.  So when I went into Marshall's the other day and saw these, I snatched em' up quick as I could! 


  1. Very cute :) so exciting about your new grown up job, I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. i am DYING over how cute this outfit is. it should go down in the hall of fame of perfect first day outfits. i've never wanted white pants until just now and i haven't been inspired by any b&w looks until just now. might have to copy this whole outfit sometime in my life.

    yay traveling for work!

    xo nicole

  3. I have been coveting these shoes from Marshall's! They're SO cute.

  4. Yeah Cleavland! You look so cute, and such a steal on those shoes! I'm obsessed:)

  5. Love the shoes! I think I need to go to Marshall's and try to find me some!

  6. Good luck with the new adventure! Those flats make the whole outfit :) I get why you snatched them up!

  7. I was just about to say that those look like the j.crew factory version! I think yours are even cuter :)

    and boy do I remember the weeks of computer staring reading SOPS (or whatever you call them at your work!). but luckily I only have 7 more work days left!