May 24, 2013

floral & feminine

Blouse: Forever 21 $15 | Skirt: TJ Maxx $5 (clearance) | Sandals: Rack Room Shoes $5 (clearance) | Bracelet: Thrift store $2 | Earring: Versona, Gift Carded
Total Outfit Cost: $27

I am officially moved into my beautiful house!  My sister is out of school for the summer so she came to spend a few days with me. [Larry is staying at his Granny's a couple miles down the road until the wedding] Yesterday we went to the Goodwill and this thrift store called Bargain World. I found two dresses at Bargain World,  but as for the Goodwill out here... IT SUCKS. Like ya'll I'm so depressed. My blog's name is GOODWILLista, what the heck am I gonna do when I can't find no clothes at the Goodwill?! (double negatives just happen when you're mad, k?) And I know not all of the outfits I've been posting on here have thrifted items, but they're all cheap! Is that okay with ya'll that I post outfits even though they don't have thrifted things? Does that go against my blog name? Kinda... but I think as long as they're cheap, that's alright. 
I leave you with my little poo who is hating having to wear a leash since we don't have a fenced in yard just yet... just look at her pouting!


  1. that first photo is to die for. your hair is so long! i seriously cannot believe you bought that skirt and those shoes for $5 a piece. i don't think anyone has a problem with your clothes not always being thrifted or being directly from goodwill. one, it's about being both money and style conscious, which you rock better than anyone. and two, other thrift stores need some lovin' too!

    xo nicole

  2. I adore this outfit, and your hair is so long! Congratulations on moving into your new home!

  3. Post whatever you want! This is your space. You've clearly already proven to all your readers that you are quite possibly the best bargian hunter ever - if the Goodwill by you sucks, don't go there, we know your $20 rule and can still count on your for "cheap" outfit inspiration. Also, I don't think I realized how long your hair is, it's BEAUTIFUL!


  4. This outfit is so flowy and summery! Too bad the Goodwill in you new area sucks :( It's weird with everything being donated that some places would be better than others, but it's the same here. Some thrift stores are just sucky :p And some are awesome!

  5. Bargainworldista has a ring to it ;) hahaha kidding. It does not go against your name if you are thrifting elsewhere! I think your outfits are awesome, and the price is always right.